Sunday, December 15, 2013

Electra - fried

Another weekend, another snowstorm.

The 1st pic shows that by Friday we'd gotten out from under both Cleon and then Dion.

The 2nd pic - Saturday, as we 'enjoyed' the dumpings of Electra.

Electra wasn't nice.  Not at all.

The snow piled up and early on during the storm I snowblowed 3-4" of rather dry snow.  No prob. Then the temps crept up and I had to go out and do another 2+" of heavier snow.  My blower isn't that powerful and it stalled a couple of times with that wet snow.

But it kept coming. Within another 2 hours we got another 3" of heavy snow so I had to bundle up and blow it too.

I can't let snow sit - as it compresses under it's own weight and wetness, it makes it impossible for me to clean off my own driveway, so when there's a snowstorm, I'm the only one in the neighborhood out there blowing while everyone else waits for the end of the storm.

Lucky them.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that because of my persistence, when the temps came up even more, my driveway was clear when the RAIN came.  It rained for over an hour - washing all the pretty snow off the trees and making slush.

Then that night, the slush froze solid.  Now there's a thick frozen crust on the snow making it impossible to even get a snow shovel into it.  Clever me - there was no slush on my driveway to freeze. Yay.

And, since temps will be totally frigid for the next 3-4 days, what we have now will stay until it melts on Thursday (40s & rain).

So today, I'm rewarding myself for all that snowblowing yesterday by kicking back, watching TV and enjoying yet another pot of soup (turkey/bean).

Y'know, it's only Dec 15 and we've had many snows since Nov 12th, of which 5 events were large, named storms.

Gosh, can't wait to see what WINTER will be like.

How about you?  Getting pounded by the early winter weather?


  1. We aren't getting that much snow but it is much colder earlier than years before and they are saying after next week, an even colder front in coming in.

    The soup looks wonderful, as pretty as pictures in fancy food magazines; bet it tasted good too.

    1. Only 15F right now and I can hear the deck making lots of noise as the boards contract. It's always startling, especially this time of night. Yes, I hear that it's going to be a long cold winter this year and so far it's all true. The soup is delicious as was the vegetable/barley I made a couple days ago. I'm finding that having a batch of fresh soup on hand in the fridge is working out a treat in this weather. Hope you're finding occasions to enjoy your woodburner. Do you still simmer beans on it?


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