Saturday, December 21, 2013


All previous snows from other storms have been melted and washed away from the warm winds and sprinkles of rain from the pre-show from Gemini.

Then, last night, the leading edge of the main storm arrived and we've had an inch of rain since midnight.

This could have been so much worse.  But it started to warm up Thursday and Friday was even warmer with a steady breeze (mid-40F).  By evening the ice dams in the gutters were melted/cleared so last night's rain didn't back up anywhere; went straight to the downspouts.  Yay.  That had been my big worry.

Right now it is 50+F at 6 am and as you can see by the current radar, there is a TON more water to come (they're predicting 4").  I'm sure there's going to be some flooding over the next couple of days. I just hope that we don't get any of that pink/ice.  Ice is the worst.  Hopefully that part of the storm will arc over us.  Fingers crossed.  Good grief! This is a huge storm - from Mexico to Maine!

If you're out this weekend doing your last minute Christmas shopping, drive carefully everyone.


  1. Be glad you are just getting rain; we are now ice covered and a light drizzle is still coming down. I think when the temperature drops tonight it will really get bad.

    The roads and all pavement is still just wet; no freezing. We have already had a limb break on one of the trees and you can hear popping noises outside as other break around us.

    No power outages yet.

    1. Well, I'm hoping it stays just rain. About 2" now and it's going to go all night. I hope you are safe and glad that you have that generator. Keep those crampons handy if you go out. We're not supposed to freeze until Monday, but you never know. I don't have a ton of confidence in weathermen....

  2. I'm commenting because I couldn't find your email and would like to speak to you about Granny. Some of the folks that read her blog are getting together to do something for her. If you want to join email me at, I could put you on the email list to discuss it. I'll send out a mass email about it on Monday to the emails that I have. Hopefully she doesn't read comments on old posts.


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