Sunday, February 16, 2014

More of the same

Samo samo. Big blue blob drifting over us. No wind. Huge flakes. Gosh - the driveway can't stay cleared more than a day or two this winter. It's really pretty though. We'll see how deep the pretty gets...

Honestly, I'd rather have the winter we're having than the one they are suffering through in the UK.  Those poor folks!  They can't catch a break either.

===== later ===

I just blew off 5" of new snow.  The blower stalled once and I didn't think it was going to come back to life but, *whew* it sputtered back up and I was able to clean the driveway.

When I was done I re-filled the bird feeder and went inside.  A few moments later I looked out and was absolutely STUNNED!  A flock (FLOCK!) of cardinals at the feeder, at the suet and waiting their turn in the crabapple trees.  I've never seen more than 3-4 cardinals at a time in my life and here are dozens!  What a treat!

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  1. Kris, there was a respite in weather today. Come and look at my blog and you will not believe the difference a day can make! Look at blog entry titled 'Out and about'.


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