Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Bi-Polar storm

It's pushing past 60 outside right now (Tuesday afternoon).

The sun is shining, birds singing, even GOLFERS back on the course.

It was so nice got a big repair job done.  (click the pic below)

Should we cheer and celebrate?

Heck no.   

Here's the current Accuweather bar on my screen:

What's wrong with that forecast?

Here the text on the RED weather statement:

The HIGH temp on Thursday will be .... waaaaaait for it .... only 19 degrees.

I hate hate hate this winter. :-(


  1. I'm trying to maintain the "half full glass" mentality---at least my snow is melting SLOWLY---a few days of warmth, a few days of cold will keep my basement from flooding. But yes, the temperature swings are crazy. Monday hubby and I sat on the tailgate of the pickup truck basking in warm sunshine and listening to the birds . Tonight is supposed to be 6 BELOW zero. My propane tank is nearly empty, the prices are still sky high. I would LOVE a break on the heating bills...but my basement is dry. I'm looking at it as a trade off.
    It has to end eventually. Doesn't it????????????????????????????????? That which doesn't kill us......................

    drives Sue batty----ahhahahahahaha.

    Chin up!

    1. 6 BELOW? Oh you poor kid! My friend in the Ozarks also complains about propane prices this year. And look at the radar - will you be getting any more snow too? Pouring down rain right now before all the heavy snow hits. I'm all for tradeoffstoo - like dry basements and no ice dams in the gutters. Slow is good. But Ma Nature is past 'slow'. She is going backwards. She needs her meds adjusted! Hang in there --- come spring we'll all get T-shirts "We got through 2013 winter!"

  2. We had a little drop from yesterday, the llth, from 80° down to 50° but I am not complaining; it could be worse! As you well know. Hang in there a little longer.

    What we need now is a good, soaking rain; we are down almost 4 inches.,

    1. We've gotten about 1/2" so far from Vulcan. There is blue snow radar after this rain and, hopefully, the pink radar doesn't show up. Ice would be the worse. Wish I could have sent you tons of melted snow this winter. You'd have no deficit at all! ("Down to 50" - just had to laugh *heh*)


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