Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A wonderful gift!

Tuesday was our warmest day in the last 6 months!

Temps soared to mid 60s.

The humidity was only 30%.

The wind, while fierce (40mph), it was warm and dry.

I took advantage of both the warmth and dry air to turn off the heat, open all the windows and let the winter air blow out of the house.

Within an hour inside temps rose from 65 to 70 and the humidity dropped from 48% to 33%.

The house smelled fresh again.

And, to my surprise, I found 2 little clumps of crocus in bloom.  I've planted hundreds of crocus over the years, yet these 2 clumps under the front bay window are all that survive.  What a treat to find them!   

With the lovely weather, I was also able to put out a delivery of rooted shrub cuttings I got on eBay last week:

10 Japanese boxwood and a baker's dozen of bridal wreath spirea.

All are in good health, well rooted and only need some hardening off (they came from Florida) and consistent warm temps before I put them in a nursery bed.

Temps will fall the rest of the week - into 40s and rain at least 3 days.

But I'm thinking Winter is BROKEN.

I know I should have done a TON of outside cleanup yesterday, but I spent the morning running errands, then in the afternoon I just vegetated like a plant.

I sat in the sun.  I sipped tea.  I gazed at blue sky and busy birds.  I basically just soaked up the day, enjoying every spring-scented breath.

Sometimes you shouldn't use up a day like that with busy stuff.  You should just immerse yourself in it - especially since we'll not see one like that in the near future.

A day like that - it was a much needed gift to the spirit.  Yard work will wait.


  1. We've just had similar - a couple of days when the sun shone and whilst walking Daisy I actually had to take my coat off! Being outside in shirtsleeves felt really weird it's so long since I didn't have to be bundled up.

    So glad you took a moment to sit and enjoy it, that does the soul a lot of good :}

  2. Glad you took time to just sit and enjoy the day. We all need that and should do it more often.

    I do hope the weather has changed and warm days are ahead.


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