Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brush done - and I'm bushed

It's been a couple of days outside this week and I had to have help with all the fallen branches, but it's finally done.  The Spring Cleanup.  All broken branches (tons), all dead stalks, all grasses, all, well, you name it. If it was dead, it was dragged.  This pile is huge.  You can barely see the 5' tall dwarf Alberta spruce behind it.

But it was worth it.  The gardens look tidy - at least for now.  I made myself some new help this year and I'll post about it on the Garden blog soon.

Click to enlarge to really see all the daffs.

For now, it's time to sit back and enjoy the flush of daffs. I love when they all fill in like this.


  1. Good job! Our daffs have finished flowering last week. My first early potatoes are showing above ground and my peas are in their bed. Red and white cabbages are also doing well now and my tomato seedlings are being kept under a plastic cloche for frost protection for now.

  2. Oh well done! Look forward to seeing what 'new help' you have.

    Most of my daffodils are now finished, all the Spring blooms were so early this year.

  3. Ah Daffodils - my very, very favourite flower :) It all looks wonderful - clean, tidy and completely ready for the big grow - well done.

  4. Easter has dawned bright with sunshine and a warming southerly breeze. With all the cleanup done, I can actually just putter around and enjoy the day. I hope you all enjoy your holiday and, depending on your side of the equator, you're taking a break before gearing up for the upcoming season. Take care. :-D


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