Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chapter 11 - a New Hope

In 2010 I spent some serious $$ on 26 yews to advance my 'privacy project'.  What a waste of my limited resources.

They have been a total failure.

And it is entirely because of DEER.

If I kept them covered (a real pain), they grew.

But the netting would blow off.  The deer would pull the netting off. etc etc

Every yew I planted have been reduced to less than original size and most of the branches don't generate new growth anymore.

I'm just walking away from the yews back by the golf course.

But I AM still trying to grow something between me and the wacko neighbor.

Enter the new contender:

Dwarf burning bush.

Yesterday I went to Lowes.  I was a fool.  It is Memorial Day weekend and 90% of the planet was there, buying plants.

Amazingly, things went well.  I found a wagon hidden under a shelf.  Yay.  When I entered both checkout lines stretched far into the nursery.  Yick.

But, by the time I found (fresh delivery) of burning bush (still only $6.98 this year) , loaded up the wagon and rolled back to the front of the store, they'd opened TWO MORE checkouts!  Unprecedented!

I was checked out within 10 minutes!

All was great. But when I was loading the car, I found one plant wasn't rooted in the pot, just laying on top of the soil.  Arrrrg.

Return it?  Back to the frenzy?  Had too.  *sigh*

I found a supervisor right at the door, showed her the pot and asked if I could just go get another one instead of getting in line to return/re-buy.

And you know what?  She said SURE!  I handed her the bad one, went grabbed a good one, sailed past the long line, let her verify I got the same plant and bingo - I was outta there!

Anyway I'm going to let these 12 babies stabilize for a while in their pots.  I tossed in some hollytone and watered them a couple of times until the dry soil held the moisture.  We'll see how the weather goes.  I may plant them soon or, like a bunch I bought a couple of years ago during the drought, I may let them beef up in the pots then plant them out in Fall.

I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Do deer eat burning bush plants? If so, beefing them up in pots is a wise idea :)

    1. They, do, Dani, but not to their detriment as demonstrated by the 6 planted a couple years ago in the front yard. Still - bigger IS better! :-D

  2. Hope you have much better luck with these.
    Tell ya what---if hubby ever wins the lottery (ha), I'll fence your whole yard.
    Believe me--that's what I'm doing---fencing my ENTIRE 20 acres. I'm so sick of the deer!

    1. YOU'RE FENCING 20 ACRES???? Holy crap, woman. Sounds like you already DID win the lottery! You MUST blog about this project. I want to read every detail. What an effort! Build it high. They sure can jump. Me, I'm thinking .... land mines.

  3. Ooooops---that's the problem with WRITING--meanings get twisted. I am GOING to fence the whole 20 acres IF he wins the lottery. LOL! OMG--I can't even imagine what that would cost.....though I suppose I could find out---we have Christmas tree farms all around us and they put up 8 foot tall fences around their fields. Perhaps I should become a fencing thief---snip snip---hahahhahahah

    1. I hear ya now, Sue. 8 feet tall. Lottery. Gotcha. Just for grins, why not ask one of the farm owners. Bet the cost would knock your socks off.

  4. Fingers crossed for your new plants.


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