Monday, May 12, 2014

My kinda snow

The Snowdrift crabapple has never looked as glorious as it is this year!


Almost makes the long cold winter worthwhile.

Almost... :-/

Afternoon update:  Cloudy.  Then lots and lots of lightning and thunder.

Then the heavens opened and we got 1/2" in about 6 minutes.

Hear how hard it was hitting the sunroom roof?  You couldn't even make out all the thunder in this vid.

The vid was cut short, though, because I had to edit out the swearing.  The roof started leaking!   Aaaaarg!  (Upstairs gutter overflowed.  Torrent washed up and into gaps in the window flashing.  I'll have to fix that!  I'm getting too old to stand on a roof and clean a gutter during a pouring thunderstorm.  At least there was no wind, but I'm soaked like a drowned cat.)

Next morning - update:

Now I'm sooooo thankful for yesterday's quick downpour showing me that the upstairs gutter was blocked.  Because had I not cleaned it out then, the next heavy thunderstorm (again, no wind thankfully) in the middle of the night that dumped a whole INCH more rain within 20 minutes would have totally flooded the sunroom while I slept.  Talk about your silver lining!

The radar show LOTs more potential storms/showers for the next couple of days.  I already have 5 barrels of water but no need to use it on anything at this point, that's for sure.   Why, I can actually see the broad beans back in one of the golf course bins grow by the hour.    Yay.  So is the lawn.  *sigh*  At least the sunroom is dry. :-D

Oh, how much rain are we "enjoying"?   Ask the ducks.  Even they are looking for high ground and are perching on the roof!


  1. That is a gorgeous crabapple. I guess I have never seen the name of this before now. Great tree and great shot you have here.

    1. Thanks, Larry. I always look forward to whatever display this tree puts on. This year - it's almost too perfect!

  2. That tree is just perfection. I wish I could squeeze in another crabapple here.

    I love the sound of the rain, sleeping weather for sure. We were blessed with good rains too over another l.5 inces plus the previous 3/4 inch. We are much happier people. You should stay off roofs especially in stormy weather. I removed all our gutters for that very reason!

    1. If I removed my gutters, my basement would flood. And rain or not, I couldn't have the sunroom flood. I love my crabapples. :-D

  3. The tree is outstanding ....

    Hope your weather settles down, we too had more than an inch of rain last week spread over about three days.


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