Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zombie in my garden and other stories

.... a zombie oak leaf hydrangea!   I posted earlier (and a plea) about the dying plant that had lost all of it's lower bark so no nutrients can travel up to the rest of the plant.   I expected the plant to die.  Well, it's not dead.  But it's not alive either.  I've noticed that after a rain (not a quickie, but something lasting about an hour) the dangling, diminishing leaves 'perk up'.  Then they return to dangle mode.  What's happening?  The leaves are absorbing water through osmosis.  They don't know they are dead.  They are on life support.  It's kinda gruesome watching it die such a prolonged death.  (Note to self:  update living will.... ick!)  (CLICK PICS TO ENLARGE)

Otherwhere, the water DID kill something.  Something that I didn't think water would be detrimental.  Can you guess?

A WILLOW!  Yep, the Nishiki willow DROWNED.   My fault.  2-3 years ago I sunk the willow, pot and all, half-way into the soil in front of the garage.  While 2011,12 & 13 where dry years, it was easy to keep the willow watered right in the pot.  It didn't suffer any burning at all.   But this year.... *glub*.  The roots had grown through the pot, plugging all the drain hole.  The feeder roots where a solid mass.  This year the roots could not breath.  So - kaput!  Lesson learned.

Okay, dying and dead.  Here's a rebirth.   Last year the garage rhody did not look good.  This year - just nasty.  Even the green showing in this pic was brittle and falling off.  I thought I would have to just take it out.  But when I had at it with the lopers, I found enough good stuff inside to carry on!  Yay.  

And for something that is THRIVING? Check out the H.F.Young clematis!   Talk about large and in charge!

Good thing I beefed up the trellis earlier this year.  It's drop dead gorgeous right now.

The rains keep coming - almost 11" so far this month.  Bad for gutter & drainage, great for not having to water anything once it's planted.  So I'm taking advantage of not having to water....

These things just jumped into the car.  *heh*  I couldn't help but replenish my winter-killed geraniums.  And OH LOOK!  I found some TALL zinnias (State Fair).  I've been kicking myself this spring for only starting Zaharas.  Little bitty things.  I missed my in-your-face Cut-n-Come Agains, so these State Fairs should feed my need for a taller breed. And I have just the place to put them.   Stay tuned.

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  1. I have NEVER seen a clematis that gorgeous. Holy cow--it sure likes it at your house!

    I didn't do zinnias this year either, and I'm really missing them. I'm making notes on that for next year.

    And 11 inches of rain? My goodness, hope you have a boat handy-LOL!
    Why, oh why is it all or none anymore?
    Have a good week

    1. *shaking fist at heaven* I swear I'll never go without tall zinnias again! As for the clematis - no clue what got into it. I did give the dying rhody a good dose of HollyTone last fall hoping to save it. Maybe clematis likes HollyTone? Who knows.... Boat? No. Waders? Pretty much!


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