Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are you kidding me??

Woke up this morning, made a cup of tea and headed out to the sunroom.  It was just getting light.

I opened the French doors, stepping in and .... shivered.  Huh?

Looked outside and checked the thermometer.  Wha?


Went back inside and re-acquainted myself with the comfy chair in the living room. 

To add insult to injury, while in the chair - the FURNACE CAME ON.  Seems over the past days not getting much out of the high 50s, low 60s the house had cooled down enough to kick on the heat this morning.

I'm SO not ready for this crap.  :-(


  1. Sorry to rain on your parade--we were at 30 this morning.
    We're #1
    We're #1

    Oh wait, that's not a good thing, is it?

    Fall is here, dear lady.....whether we're ready for it or not.
    On a good note, the bugs are frozen.
    See? Good!!

    Just a smartie pants this morning--LOL
    Stay warm..........

  2. aach! I hear you! so sad to see the temps dropping like this. I woke up to 4 (Celsius) this morning...just about where you were and have been chilly all day!
    I refuse to turn the actual furnace on until I absolutely have to, but may just have to light the pilot on the fireplace on the sun room if these temps persist.

    still way too much to do outside...i hope the weather warms up enough to get a few more things done! :)

    1. I hear you, Lois. The corner has been turned and we're on that slippery slope that leads to winter. Aaaargh. So much to do outside yet this year. Cold again this morning - furnace came on last night. I just hope we get a long enough Autumn this year - winter came to fast last.

  3. Well, I am ready! No more yard work that I can't do with this abominable knee.

    Like the new pics. What is the flower in with the ageratum?

    1. Glad you are closing down for the season so your knee can get some rest. I'm not sure the name of the flower with the ageratum. I got them from Mom and she lost the tag (from a mixed annual flat). I think I'll try and save some seeds. They are really pretty.


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