Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Mac is dead! - well, mostly.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving with friends, family and food.

But when I came to blog all the details this morning, the Mac was very hot when I opened it, giving off a wave of heat, and unresponsive.  Only seven years old. *wah*

Fortunately I have an iPad, but no access to all my files on the Mac, including pics.

I don't know how this will all shake out, so if you don't hear from me for a while, send me an email to check up on me.



Well, maybe not.  I took the thing out to the sunroom, let it grow cold and quiet, brought it back inside, plugged it in and HALLELUJAH!!   It's up and running.  All is well. (Well, almost.  The old battery may never recover.  It shows no sign of charging.)

At least I don't have to do some kind of panic, knee-jerk reaction purchase right now.  I'll have time for research.  *whew*


12/3 - It IS dying.  Keeps conking out.  Can't depend on it now, even with occasional CPR.  So D. is going to lend me his old 2011 27" iMac.  Good grief it is huge.  But I can't go without my communication that Internet provides.  And I will never go back to PC.  Ever.  Really.  So Saturday we'll transfer off the MacBook Pro (2008 - it's had a good long life for a tech product!) to the iMac.  More posts and pics then.

Meanwhile I have been updating sidebar blogs....


  1. So sorry to hear this.
    I was going to email you this morning and see what kind of bread knife you have (the one you LOVE) I was rereading old posts and had read that you switched to one you had bought and loved it.
    I hate mine. It crumbles the bread ........

    1. That better be GLUTEN-FREE bread, Missy! Gluten free bread seems to be crumbly by nature. I don't eat it. Sent you an email about the knife....

  2. I know you've already done it but I'll say this anyway - now is a REALLY good time to ensure every personal file on your Mac is safely backed up to a separate drive.

    Happy Thanksgiving (sorry, late here, time difference you know!!)

    1. All data is backed up to an external drive every hour. No rookies here. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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