Saturday, December 20, 2014

Over the holiday hump.

Actually got the tree/decorations up in the bay window.  How bright and festive to have the lights on during these grim gray days.

That was fun.  What I really struggle with is this:

The cards.  This should be enjoyable but it it takes me hours to do a dozen cards.  The list, the cards, the envelopes, the stamps, the notes, the addresses...

I can build a planter box, fix shingles, make my own chandelier, wrangle computers, but nothing frustrates me more than sending out holiday cards.

I WANT to be in touch with my friends, especially at this time of year, but this - it's just painful.  So I force myself and in the end am wrung out and usually sport a migraine.  Why?  Any clues?  How about you ... what holiday function gives YOU grief?

Bottom line - cards are in the mail!  Yay!  Happy happy joy joy, everyone.  Hope you are finding smooth sailing over the holidays and are enjoying friends and family.

Take care...  Now, where's my Imitrix?


  1. I enjoy doing cards--but it's something I do in the wee hours of the morning, when I have "me" time and I don't do them all at once---one a day, usually.
    I notice I get less and less every year--I kind of think in this day of email it's becoming a lost "art". I just enjoy sharing some thoughts (in case you haven't noticed by my mini NOVELS I write here--haha) I have told several friends that get upset that they aren't sending that it's not meant to make them feel pressured, it's just MY way of connecting. No big deal.
    Maybe you should consider dropping the tradition if it is not enjoyable. I think most people would understand.
    Anywho, I reallly like your Christmas "nook". Looks lovely! I gave up doing a tree years ago. See? We all have things that bug us and getting rid of that part of Christmas was my "thorn".
    I'm babbling again!
    Merry Christmas, Kris!!

    1. I didn't set up a tree for years, then started up last year after my illness. This year Mom turned 90 and I we would have a proper tree for the holidays. I didn't do cards for years either, but as I get older I'm trying harder to keep in touch. Some of my deepest regrets was not keeping in touch with certain folks from earlier in my life. Thanks for the comment! Always to get a nice babble on the blog! LOL Merry Christmas, Sue. :-D

  2. The tree in the window is wonderful! I have to fight DH every year about the tree. He wants a tree-top small version....I may have to give in eventually since I have him do most of the decorating.

    I don't mind the cards but still leave them to the last minute for some obscure reason.....I think I will start a week earlier next year.

    My MIL at 96 still decorates her new digs with lots of lovely things. She loves Christmas; it reminds me our days are what we make them.

    1. I have a lot of decortions in the attic, but none of them are old or from my childhood, just new stuff I bought when moving here. I think whatever I'm not using this year will be donated. Yeah, my artificial 4' tree fits right in the bay window and looks good from inside and out. It's IS handy and still looks good after so many years. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Glenda. Take care.

  3. My daughter in law had Christmas dinner (early) this year. That took a lot of pressure off of me. We didn't even put up the tree this year and I'm okay with that. Relieved actually, to not have to put everything away once it's all over!

    1. Yeah, the cleanup used to be just awful back when I was working and gave an annual holiday party. What a pain. Minimal intrusion now and easy enough to pack away afterwards. Glad you dodged those bullets this year. Have a wonderful, less-stressful Christmas - enjoy your new door. :-D


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