Friday, August 21, 2015

It's all still good

Thought I'd better post to let you know all is not lost here for the bees!

Long shot of back lawn with bee bed purge
Nosiree.  Just because (click for story=>)  purged the 'bee ring' bed perimeter (which even now still sports asters, sweet Joe Pye and caryopteris) and a few other perennials elsewhere, the remaining beds are doing really good bee business.  There is lots of forage for them right now and the native bees (and some honeybees) are everywhere.

Traffic is on the white agastache.

White agastache
The myriad of zin types (Zahara, Cut'n'Come again, State Fair).

The Autumn Joy sedums are coloring up, the short salvias are always busy as are all the dwarf French marigolds.
Fence zins

Bees are happy.  Even a bit punch drunk and loaded with pollen.

Native bees on State Fair
The August Moon hosta is a-buzz as are the phlox and perennial blue salvias.  The cardinal flowers and potted B&B salvias are getting some good action from hummers too.

The zins and catmint and coneflowers are great butterfly attractors and even though I purged all the tall milkweed, there are clumps of orange butterfly weed in the arbor bed that seem to make the monarchs happy.

The close gardens are in full bloom and alive with activity. I expect more honebees when the Autumn Joy sedum bloom.

Close beds - flowers and veg

So see - not to fret.  Melissa Majora will always strive to be a friendly place for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Just trying these days not to be so d^mn DEER friendly!


  1. I've had some of those bees covered in so much pollen it seems they can barely get around as well.... They sure seem to be enjoying themselves!

    1. Yes, they are working very hard - the last couple winters were harsh on the natives and their nests.

  2. Beautiful yard and gardens! Glad you have so many bees. They are a little scarce in our area. I do see some now and then.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. Lots of native bees, not so much honeybees anymore.

  3. Oh My Gosh!!---you're alive!! A post!!!
    I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wondering where on earth you've gone to. Your flowers are gorgeous.....they don't seem to be having any troubles at all.
    So glad to see the variety you've got for the bees.
    I was in a Big Box store yesterday looking for something (anything!!!) on sale and they had signs posted for their BEE FRIENDLY plants ---that all had been sprayed. Does that make sense to you????????????
    For gosh sakes, I wish they'd stop spraying toxic goo for everything. I don't use a damn thing and the only thing bothering my stuff is the *Y)P#*)R#)*R&)@ Deer!
    Have a wonderful week---staring at those gorgeous beds. Oh, I love this time of year in the flower beds.

    1. Sorry, sweetie you thought I was 'gone'. But I've been posting right along on the side-bar blogs (Veg Page, Garden Proj Page, Flowers...). Check 'em out.

      Yes, I've seen where all the Box store plants have little signs of them indicating they all been sprayed with 'approved' insecticides, etc. It's a crime as far as I'm concerned. Glad your flowers are recovering now that the deer fence is in place. I envy you your rain so far this month. Bone dry here. Have a great weekend. Take care.


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