Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sea change

The mild weather will be broken today.  It was in the 40s for the past few days and we got almost 3/4" of rain over that time.

But that's done.  Today the jet stream will slump south with fierce winds and cold air.

The sky of 15 minutes ago shows the onslaught on the way:  deep dark brooding clouds from the northwest.  

Meanwhile the wind is building.  Forget the flapping flags, the garden swing is being pushed up further and further during gusts. 

I know when the wind gets over 25mph - my bad window will whine.

Some snow on the way this week, though the forecasts aren't saying more than 3-4".  Well see.  Wonder if I'll get a chance to use the tuned up snowblower?

Down in the basement the greens are growing and today I saw that the New England aster seeds have sprouted.  :-D

Me?  I'm in the kitchen.  It's a good day to make up something savory in a pot to go along with the 2 loaves of sourdough I baked yesterday.  Yum!

Hang in there. 


by 12:30 pm

Temps plummeted from 42 to 28, wind, snow....  

And by Tuesday morning --- temps in the teens with single digits ahead.

Meanwhile -- down in the basement -- the lights are on and things are green. Check out the Propagation Page.

And as for the snow .... Check THIS.  After which I needed THIS.


  1. Hi Kris
    Feels good to actually have a reason to stay in and putter, doesn't it? We've got a good 6 inches of snow so far, but golly, the winds are fierce. We got in a sunrise (where?) ski before they picked up, so I got my exercise which is all that matters. Now I'm having a lovely day reading, painting, and puttering. Even sowed some cacti and ornamental grasses.
    Have a beautiful rest of the day

    1. Bitter wind here, rain, then sleet, finally slushy mix that is freezing on everything. Nasty stuff. No pretty white enjoyable snow like you got. Glad I'm inside. Big pot of chicken'n'rice to keep me warm. Enjoy you snow!

  2. What a difference a few hours make! I love the dark skies in the first picture even if I know what it means.

    I believe you have the bread thing mastered! Congratulations for not giving up. The bread looks very good.

    The time I tried to grow greens on the back porch under lights they were not a good color and not lush. I need to research that. It would be a good winter project for the lights that are now serving as Max's personal shelving for gloves and numerous hats.

    1. Sent an email your way, Glenda. It's blowing a blizzard outside now.

  3. It definitely a snow storm. Looks familiar to our kinds of storms. We are have severe cold right now. Your pictures are great.

    1. Gotta tell ya, Larry, as much as we whined about having such a mild Nov/Dec/early Jan, this bitter, biting cold, and high winds are just as unacceptable! LOL


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