Thursday, May 5, 2016

Between rainy days...

... stuff is getting done.

Since I'm started fewer things every year, it's takes very little time to bring up the basement sprouts and plants. (Only 4 flats of annuals are left under lights downstairs right now.)

Daytime temps are ranging from the high 40s to low 60s (frequently on the same day!).  Nights are still flirting with high 30s so schlepping back and forth from the sunroom is the current deal.

The geraniums are good to mid-40s easily, so they don't get schlepped as often.

Anyway, all the greens are up too so it's way easier to grab chard, beet greens (actually purple), and collards for sandwiches (way more 'umph' on a sandwich).

While the sunroom is empty during the day, the view from the skylight is lovely - the dogwood is going great guns right now.

I've cleaned out the privacy bed, removed the cuke trellis (will not be growing veg in that bed anymore), popped out uncounted dandelions from other beds, nooks and cranies, hauled baskets of debris to the depot, and ran the trimmer around a bit.  

I also set up the 4 big pots on the bench in front of the deck readying them for the upcoming geranium installment.  May 18th is our traditional final frost.  Will be interesting how it shakes out this year due to the crazy inverted weather we've had so far.

Elsewhere, views are improving:

The view as you come down the driveway toward the house.  The crabapple is in full bloom, the double-file viburnums and ready to pop and soon the grey-twigged dogwood will join the party.  

The original curved section of the privacy fence does a great job of screening the back yard and swing bed so I can sit there anytime and not be distracted by road traffic.

When rounding the garage, the brick border and crabapple bed is the view.  The Robinson crabs have done blooming, but the amount of perennial green underneath is bursting forth now.  Kenilworth ivy is in full bloom on the brick border.  All those tiny blue flowers, so delicate - and tenacious.

Finally, a look at the burning bush hedge.  Planted in spring 2014, these guys are doing great.  The fence canopy have so far thwarted the deer, allowing for some good root and stem growth.  Well-timed application of Milorganite is also helping a lot.

More rainy weather over the next few days.  Mom (who is NOT sick LOL) will be spending the weekend for some Mother's Day fun.

Hope all you and your Mom's have a great holiday too.


  1. Your yard is every bit as stunning as some of the botanical gardens we've hit on this latest trip. I am constantly kicking myself that I have NO trees or shrubs geared for spring glory. I think I need a good kick in the pants to get going!
    We're heading home today. Supposed to be mid 70'e when we get there--oh happy day!!!

    1. Yep, ya gotta get on the stick with those trees and shrubs. I'm getting really old, but am still planning for what the place will look in 20 years with new trees and shrubs. 70s? You lucky duck. 60s and rain for the next 5 days. Gotta run. Dry spell. Mowing lawns!

  2. Things are looking very good Kris. You can tell everything is well cared for.

    We are having our first day.....near 80°

    1. 80? We get excited at 60 right now. Only 38 this morning.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and inviting. But your temps, brrr.


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