Sunday, July 17, 2016

Still on hiatus - but a spaRRows pic

I don't think I'll ever have such success in my container garden (spaRRows) as what I'm having this year.  Here is spaRRows in 2015 mid-July:

2015 mid-July
This year's growth is amazing, the bugs *knock wood* are few, and the lack of rain has helped keep mildew, mosaic and rust at bay.

I'm taking lots of pics to remind me what a container garden can do.  The Manny cukes started producing 6/26 and have given me nearly 40 8-9" fruits.  The Sweet Success started 2 weeks later with 14 cukes to date.  The vines have topped the trellis and are now sprawling over the pergola.  (Note: with early fruit, hardy growth, and doing so well in the pot, Manny may become my goto cuke in the future - takes full sun without wilting, cukes are fast and delicious.) 

(2016 mid-July)
Blue Lake bush beans will need to be picked in a couple days (note the climbing bean in the middle pot - it was mixed in with the pack, a sorting error; but has been fun to watch reach for the sky), the 3 Red Robin mini tomatoes are keeping me supplied with salad fruit. The peppers.  OMG the peppers!  I have not grown such good healthy peppers in years, ground OR pot.  I've picked a small bag of the hot bananas, the new Sweet Gourmet is setting well and already has ripened 3 nice sized fruit to bright orange already.  

The 3 non-determinate tomatoes under the bay window are heavy with toms while the Bush Goliaths are doing very well in the pots.

All in all -- deer, rabbits, moles, chipmunks and groundhogs aside -- this is THE BEST GARDEN (pot OR ground) I've had in years.  

How about you?  Best, worst or samo-samo this year?

P.S.  And would someone please tell Sue to stop banging that cup?  :-P


  1. Ah-hahahahahhaah! I will NEVER stop banging that cup.....WE MISS YOUR POSTS!!!
    Wow-impressive impressive impressive. Lady-you have changed my viewpoint on container gardening. I've never had luck with it, but can see from your results its ME, not the containers.

    We are having TONS of rain this month. Last month, when I planted stuff, we couldn't BUY rain. The stuff is now growing like mad. The bugs are worse than usual, but it keeps me (and my soapy water pail) busy.
    Thanks for the update!!

    1. Hey hey hey - just got 3/4" of RAIN! YAY! I can feel the lawns and gardens sucking up the joy juice!!

      Last year spaRRows was a work in progress, didn't get together till well into late June early July. I also made some my own potting mix so it was probably a bit acid then. But after overwintering, it's all mellowed and right now I can't tell any difference in growth from home made vs MG potting mix. It's just all aces this year.

      The Japs are on the one climbing bean (unknown variety) but haven't touched the bush beans below. Go figure.

      Hot hot hot this week 86,85,86,90,93,94.... ouch. These now-filled water barrels won't last, that's for sure.

      I hope you're using a tin cup -- else you might break something delicate. *snorf!*

  2. That is a beautiful garden! All in one place makes it so easy to take care of. I am glad you are having such success.

    Alas, the varmints are getting all my sweet corn..We are needing rain badly. up to l00 by Saturday.

    1. Funny, many of us need rain, while others are flooding. Poor distribution system if you ask me. *heh* Yeah, I LOVE having everything up close to the deck next to the rain barrels/hose. As for the critters, I'm keeping on top of them. Ya sure can't let your guard down... Hope you get some rain and that your a/c keeps you cool this week.

  3. Gorgeous! My garden suffered terribly during our two months of upper 90s and no rain. Now I'm thinking I should try more in containers closer to the house! I save a lot of household water for plants and that would be perfect.

    1. Hi Leigh. Yeah, I can't overstate the convenience of having the veg right off (some ON) the deck. Close water, quick to spot bugs/etc, easy picking. And it just gives the whole deck the lush and 'growing' vibe. I know people used to have a both a 'big' garden and then a 'kitchen' garden, much closer to the house. Ya can't get much closer than this. :-D

  4. Lovely container garden!! Since I wrecked my knee & can't get down there anymore - I can if I fall down - I started growing in containers & love them. I have plastic water bins that sit on a couple of bricks to make it easier for me.
    I noticed a couple of years ago that I didn't have any bees around so I scattered a lot of Fennel, Lemon balm, Oregano, Peppermint seeds & planted Sage & Chives. They've gone wild everywhere!!! The last two years - especially this year - every stalk & blossom has been crawling with bees!!! Especially Bumblebees!! I hadn't seen a Bumblebee in several years & now have a whole crop!!! So, maybe you need to scatter perennial herbs out there for your bees too.

    1. Hello Sharon and welcome. In my 2nd year of container garden and I'm loving the convenience. Yes, my sanctuary IS a bee sanctuary and I have lots of bee forage plants: agastache, bee balm, dill, Joe Pye, sedum, sages, etc. I live in an area where there is lots of spraying. I have had a good show of native & honeybees this year, probably due to the past mild winter. I'm so happy that your garden is doing so well and that the bees are blessing you with lots of buzzing. :-D


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