Monday, February 8, 2010

Frost & flakes

Goodness! Talk about pretty! It got down to almost 0 last night, well past the dew point so this morning everything is covered in frost. It's darn near impossible to take a pic that does this sparkling world justice, but at least you can see from the shot above how flocked the world is today.

Weather channel has issued another winter warning for tomorrow & Wednesday. Perhaps 6 or more inches of snow. Oh joy.... :-/


  1. Frosty, snowy trees are the most beautiful things ever :D

  2. Yes we are on day 62 of snow on the ground and we are storming again today and tomorrow. The wind is going to blow tonight which will make things a real mess. I hope you don't get all of your paths and drive all filled in again.

  3. Kyna - thanks for visiting the blog. :-D Yes, for downright beauty you can't beat frost, snow or ice on trees. The latter, of course, is a dangerous beauty to be sure, but can be resplendent!

    Larry - wow - 62 days? Ouch! I'm afraid both of our paths and driveways will suffer at this next arctic blast. Stay warm and keep that shovel handy. :-D

  4. I really like that photo, Kris. Beautifully white! So pretty.
    Hope I can send you some heat from here :-(

  5. Hi Ha Xuan. So nice of you to drop by and visit the winter wonderland outside. Yes, it's very very pretty though after a while 20" of pretty needs to be shoveled into piles. Oh my aching back... LOL


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