Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy winter. I enjoy all four seasons. Really. But the snow is still piling up and the gutters are jamming up with ice dams again. Pretty, but potentially destructive. These outside the front window present the home owner with one of those brain tricks you see. Look at a picture and it's a duck. But then it's a rabbit. Icicles like these are sparkling and beautiful. Or they can mess up your roof. Take yer pick. LOL

Anywho... I'm walking away from the snow (yesterday dropped an additional 7" !) and the shoveling and the worrying about gutters and roofs. Yep, I am waaaay overdue for a little time out. After I dug out yesterday I braved the slippery streets and headed to the library where I raided their shelves for books and DVDs.

Today I'm off the field, on the bench and plan on nothing more strenuous than turning pages and refilling the teapot as necessary.

Hmmm. Perhaps a nap may be in order too. *ahhhhhhh*


  1. Those icicles look menacing O_O

    I'd pick the armchair for sure!

  2. Wise plan.

    Your 'nest' looks like mine, even to the color of the chair. Mine is in the corner of the kitchen......a long way from the TV and I can even shut doors and have complete quiet.

    No ice here this year, just snow and cold.

  3. Kyna - Most every house is sporting massive icicles, some even reaching to the ground. Beautiful, and, like you say, potentially dangerous. Still, they do sparkle...

    gld - I must admit when I first saw YOUR nest on your blog I knew I wanted a spot like that. So when I was in the Habitat ReStore shop earlier this week I tried on a lot of used chairs. The one in the pic is what came home with me. Couple of cushions, a nice throw and voila! Added bonus: it rocks and swivles. Talk about comfy! Mmm-mm. :-D


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