Thursday, February 11, 2010


The icicles are getting longer and thicker. You can almost see them swelling out the front window. Meanwhile, back on the deck, the snow has drifted deeply onto the arbor and icicles that used to only hang off the gutter are now growing from the crosspieces. It's becoming a concern. Last summer's arbor rebuild gives me hope that the whole thing isn't going to come crashing down due to all that weight. The new ledger board et al are secure up there. The old arbor (only held up by nails, not bolts) would never have survived this assault.

Yesterday I posted that I wasn't going to do any 'heavy lifting', and as much as I was determined to stick to that resolve, *sigh* I did have to haul myself outside to clean the driveway again due to 5" of new snow. After that I had hoped I was done as the storm had passed and it didn't snow at all last night. Unfortunately we got some high winds and when I went out to fill the feeders this morning I saw there is a knee-deep drift in front of the garage door. *whine whine*

This stuff didn't use to phase me. But now that I'm, uh, more mature, I don't rebound as quickly from lots of cold hard labor like I used to. I'm going to have to resort to a few ibuprofen and a large dose of comfy chair.


  1. Ahhh yes, the recovery time is longer now.

    Since we live on a farm, DH is able to use the blade on the tractor. I don't think I would be up to shoveling a drive anymore

    Take it easy. The cardiologist told us shoveling snow is the hardest thing you can do on your heart.

  2. gld - I hear ya, gal. I hear ya. Thankfully only flurries in the forecast the next few days!


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