Saturday, February 13, 2010

More of the same

Daytime temps aren't getting out of the 20s in the foreseeable future so the icicles just keep growing. (Wish I had a bank account like that! ;-D ) I know I should have dug my way out to the front door and began knocking those at the side of the door a couple of days ago, before they got this big.

Now the issue is that it would probably take a sledge hammer to break those up and with all that weight hanging from the gutter the gutters could be dislodged in the process. Parts of me could be dislodged in the process! *sigh*

About the only thing I can hope for is that the ones that now reach the stoop now might actually support the rest due to their pillar-like effect. Decisions. Decisions.

I guess I can take some kind of comfort to know that as far up and down the lane I can see that every other house have ice sculptures like this. Wish I could just send it all to Vancouver where they really need this stuff! :-D

On the brighter side - local stores have put out their seed racks and I've been unable to resist their siren call of Spring.

This year I'm going to grow more herbs so succumbed to pretty packets of herbs, spring greens, bunching onions, an assortment of radishes (although I've never really had luck with them - still, the 14th time may be the charm!), and some hyacinth beans.

Y'all know, too, that the basement plant lab is calling out to me where lay my seeds for wintersowing in jugs as well as seeds to start under lights. Hmmm.

Tempting, but not an overpowering urge yet....


  1. I end up buying seeds everytime I go into a store that carries them!

  2. It's a vice. LOL I already have more than I'll ever be able to grow, yet I'm such a pushover for a pretty pack. :-D

  3. Kris, if you have never grown hyacinth bean vine before, be forewarned. They need lots of space! I grew it for the first time last year and loved it.Two plants took up about 5-6 foot of fence and were spectacular.

  4. thanks, gld! I thought I'd grow one up over my new deck arbor to lend additional shade. I think I heard they are also fragrant. Hard to image already planning for heat when all is still in the deep freeze.

  5. How long more will you have this weather? Bet you're very eager to welcome Spring, aren't you? Meanwhile, we're boiling hot over this side of the globe. Sigh!

  6. Ha Xuan - I'm sure we'll have winter well into March, maybe April this year! Right now it's snowing to beat the band with 2-7" predicted within the next 24 hours. *sigh* Actually, this kind of weather allows me ample time to read books, visit with friends, work on inside projects, stuff that I don't seem to find time for when I'm gardening at full speed. Just wish I could send you some of this stuff to cool you down. ;-D


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