Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toiling at tilling

The weather stayed fine yesterday so I rummaged through the shed (*oof* - stuff is packed like sardines back there), found my trusty electric Mantis tiller, and tackled the vegetable beds. (And knowing I would need a few sit-downs, I brought out my garden bench.)

First off, let me wax poetic for a moment about the little tiller. My late brother bought it for my Mom back in the mid 80s. Mom gave it to me in the early 90s. I've used it every year. It's a little beat up and rocks have taken their toll on the drive casing, cracking it ever so slightly. But as long as I keep squeezing grease into it whenever I hear the bearings, it's always good to go. Over 25 years old and keeps on ticking, uh, tilling. They just don't make stuff like they used to, huh?

Anyway, I tilled up all the beds, one at a time. I, myself, am not faring as well as the tiller. My ankle is now much less stable than last year and it's getting very difficult to brace myself with it and guide the tiller. Hopefully by the time the ankle gets seriously compromised, these beds will be loose and loamy after so much compost and leaf litter. (Now if I'd just stop making new beds alla time!)

I would till up one bed at a time then sit and rest my ankle. The yard was dotted with foraging robins but only one seemed to succumb to the fragrant lure of fresh-tilled soil. While I rested he (she?) would run over and chow down on whatever worms or insects were exposed. Then I would do another bed and rest again. We did this for the 7 individual beds in that garden (used to be 8 but last year I filled one with peonies). When I fetched the camera I was glad to see that it had stuck around for me to snap this pic. Hey Robby - smile!

I gotta say, ankle and all, no matter how big the job or how long the hours, a little friendly companionship sure makes the load lighter. :-D

* * * * * *
Vernal Equinox - it's officially SPRING!!

It's finally here - Spring. It's a big boost to the spirit knowing that the days will be longer and things will start growing again. Huzzah!

Today dawned bright and sunny, the last day before colder wetter weather gets here for Sunday and early next week. So today I could just sit on the deck and survey my handiwork, sip a cool drink and flip through garden magazines...

Yeah, right! Waste a day like this? I think not. Look out yard, here comes trouble...! :-D


  1. How rewarding to have gotten so much done. A little company does make the job a little more fun.

  2. Thanks, Catherine. I can't believe how nice the weather was last week and how much was accomplished. Now that all the cleanup and prep is done, I'm ready for the 'fun' part - the growing. Cheers! :-D


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