Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stick a fork in it....

...and a rake, shovel, hoe and tiller. It's done.

Saturday was another nice day so I spent it working in the gardens. At one point I watched these 2 geese walk from 44th street green all the way down to the creek and start up toward the clubhouse, honking for right-of-way when an unwary golfer should stray too close.

I've been here over 7 years now and the autumn needle shed from the golf course pine trees have been inconsequential. But last fall it seems they were saving up and *whammo* - tons of needles everywhere. I considered just mowing over them but then I got an idea. I took a little time (watching out for the rather assertive geese) and raked them all up.

Any guesses as to what I did with this piney bounty? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, you in the back. What's that? You got it, exactly! Been reading the blog, haven't you! LOL

That's right, I used it to mulch the asparagus bed. What's not to love? Needles don't mat down and restrict air/water flow like leaves. They don't stay wet and encourage mold (especially the icky slime mold) like wood chips. And the price was right! I love it when something that occurs in the yard finds a good use in the yard.

And since I had a little left over....

Earlier in the day I'd turned and combined 2 compost piles into one, thus freeing up the front bin. So it was a no brainer (good thing...mine was getting tired) to stash the bonus mulch. Unless I use it in the asparagus bed later in the season, this extra will top off the bed when tucked in for the winter.

It's been a busy week. Here's the recap:

Vegetable seed starts under lights in the basement.
Potted up all dormant cannas, elephant ears, dahlias & fuchsias.
Sowed 35 jugs of WS perennials and set jugs on the deck.
Gathered up a winter's worth of fallen branches.
Cleaned up all the flower beds - cutting back dead material.
Raked up beaucoup pine needles.
Weeded, fertilized and mulched the asparagus bed.
Tilled 7 beds in the vegetable garden.
Turned 2 compost piles.
Hauled out and set up not only the garden bench but also 4 deck chairs.
Transplanted a variegated hydrangea.
Planted a gift pot of tulips into the garden.
Divided (and planted) the Walkers Low cat mint and Johnsons Blue geranium.


Now that all the heavy grooming (and groaning) is behind me, I can retreat to the house and the comfy chair for some well-deserved rest. It's hard to believe the last week of 'winter' was so very nice. Looking ahead it's supposed to rain Monday and only get up to 47 on Tuesday. Go figure. But it doesn't bother me...I'm ahead of the game at this point - and all done by the 1st day of Spring. Wow. How often does that happen? :-D


  1. Your raised beds look wonderful... great start to the spring gardening season. I can't wait to return to see what you share as things bloom this summer in those boxes.

    Happy Spring and so happy to have met you via your garden blog! Stop by my site sometime:
    Bren at the BGgarden

  2. Isn't that a great feeling...everything cleaned up and ready to go. And by the first day of spring. You are to be congratulated.

    I haven't even started yet. Of course, we just had two inches of sleet and snow covering everything for two days....beginning on the first day of Spring. We won't be safe until about May 10th. here.

  3. You sure have been busy. I know we have similar weather. I was going out to rake today and it was too cold for me. They temps. will be much better next week so I will get at it. I like the hint of green that you can see through out your yard and garden. Take care.

  4. Hi Bren. Thanks for stopping by the blog. :-D Hopefully nothing will bloom in the boxes in the pic - those are all compost/soil/rock bins. Seems the bigger the yard, the more places you need to put stuff. LOL

    Glenda - Saw you got that blast of winter right there on the first day of Spring. Brrrr. But I know in no time you'll be months ahead of us here in Ohio. Keep warm...

    Hey Larry. Know what you mean. It's been cold(er) and wetter since the equinox. Gotta admit, the rain is have good effect on the perennials. Very excited to see what survived the winter. Looking forward to more pics of your garden soon.

  5. You did well, Kris. I always admire how you manage to do so much in your garden!
    I've been away for the past few weeks and now I have to catch up with all the reading.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely garden spring up with colors again.

  6. Hi Ha Xuan! Yes, I seem to make myself more work every year. You'd think I'd know better by now. I really am glad I got so much done so soon. It's supposed to get in the 70s next few day so I imagine I'll have to dig out the mower and get it ready for the season. *sigh* I just can't let my guard down for even a minute around here. LOL


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