Friday, March 26, 2010

Stick a snow shovel in it...

Yesterday it was cold and rainy there was just shy of 1/2" in the rain gauge by late afternoon. Sprinkles persisted, but around 8:30 last night heavy wet snowflakes started flying in the cold North wind. Temps this morning in the mid 20s and I had to shovel almost 3" of ice-encrusted snow off the deck to get to the bird feeders this morning.

Ah well, a temporary setback, I'm sure. Gotta admit, it's very pretty out there (unless you ask the robins - they seem a little annoyed).


  1. Kris, we got the rain then overnight a very heavy frost. I forgot to cover the opening on the cold frame. I hope the cabbages and broccoli survived the dip in temps.

    It is pretty but I want it to be over!

  2. I love how snow turns photos blue. Lovely arbor too. Don't worry. Spring is coming. It's going to get cold here tonight. Hopefully no frost. The trees are leafing out already.

  3. Brrr. The birdbath never melted yesterday and today it's only 18F out there this morning. The rhodie leaves are all curled up tightly. I used to worry about the emerging daffs, etc. but they always make it eventually. At least most of the snow melted... Glenda, hope your cabs and brocs survived. Tom, your plants are doing sooooo well. Good thing I'm not the envious type. LOL


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