Thursday, April 1, 2010

All hands (uh, sprouts!) on deck

I didn't want you all to think that the last post was indicative of what the weather has been like since then! Nosiree! The snow melted, the temps have climbed and the sun is shining.

Yesterday it got to 60 (no matter what the weather channel said it was). Here it was 60. I took the opportunity to bring up the onions onto the deck. I also planted out the Gourmet Blend lettuces into their traditional grow bins and gave them a nice dose of dried blood (they love the nitrogen).

Today it's already blown past 60 and it's only 10:00 a.m. It's supposed to get to high 70s and tomorrow? 80!!

Well, it's waaaaay nicer outside than in the basement so this morning I brought up the rest of the current starts up to the deck. Once the sun is a little higher the rebuilt arbor will provide nice dappled shade for everyone. Not only did I bring up the rest of the 'cold' crops (Brussels sprouts, a new batch of lettuces - Lollo Rossa) but the herbs and pepper plants. You just can't beat some good old-fashioned sunshine to get their little sap flowing.

And today is April 1 - tomato day. Last year I started my tomatoes on March 1 and ended up with giant plants that needed to be cut down and re-rooted. So this year I made myself wait an extra 4 weeks. Will this work out better? We'll see.

BTW - there's sproutage going on in them thar WS jugs. More about that soon.

Stay tuned! :-D


  1. Kris, you have a lot of seedlings!
    I am impressed.

    I need to move some more out to the cold frame too.

    We were 84° here yesterday and today is headed in that direction.

    I am loving it.

  2. Glenda - 84? Wow, is that hot for you this time of year. Sure is here for us. I hope Spring gets back to 'normal' (50s-60s). It's sooo much better for the plants and bulbs. Still, I'm not complaining right now, mind you. LOL


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