Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daffy daze

I don't usually post more than a pic or two on the blog (well, hardly ever). But I'm making an exception today. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Since I moved here 7 years ago, I've been planting daffs. Or I guess it would be more accurate to say I've been re-planting daffs. The previous owners had let go several large clumps and when I dug them up there were hundreds, though you'd never have known it from the meager blooms I saw that first year.

It took me a couple of years to redistribute the bulbs, as recently as last year (I put clumps in the new ring bed and stump bed.

I spread the wealth around.

This year the cold winter (with heavy snow) seems to have spurred all the daffs into glory.

Here's a gander at the front of the house.
1st pic -- driveway entrance
2nd pic -- front steps
3rd pic -- front arbor
4th pic -- under the birch trees

And what's also interesting is that the hyacinths, usually later, are blooming at the same time making a nice violet counterpoint to the all the sunny yellow.

As we meander toward the back gardens, here's peek at the clusters next to the woodpile. This emerging drifts of bright yellow is just as warming to the spirit as the fire the wood provided during winter.

As we round the garage there's a little bulb bed I've been working on. All summer it's smothered in a dandy ground cover, Kennelworth ivy which blooms until freeze. But this time of year, it's a bulb bed. I just love the miniature daffs on the left.

A little difficult to see in this pic of the bird bath bed, but there are lots of daffs that bloom later (by maybe 10 days). Even so there are a decent number already open today.

At the far end of the foundation bed there are a couple more clumbs flanking the pieris japonica. Interesting note: both this and the front pieris did not bloom at all last spring. They sure are making up for it this year! Wow.

Before I made the new ring bed and the 2 huge beds (privacy bed and maple bed) I had lots of bulbs and not many places to put them. So there way too many in the arbor bed now. Still, they do look lovely.

Now this is a fun bed. The flanking clumps of daffs are nice but what's really interesting are the bulbs I buried in a pocket of soil on top of the stump. They are charming when they bloom (soon!).

Here's some big ones back by the shed.

And finally, here's the last pic I'll post. (Getting a little brain burn, huh?)

This is back by the compost area. I put all my extra bulbs 2-3 years ago. Now it's the go-to place whenever I need to throw a clump or two somewhere else.

There are other plantings, but I think you get the idea. It looks GREAT this year. I'm glad I took the time to photo each clump I own. Now, for the first time, I'll have a visual record of where all these things are. No more digging them up when putting in new plants! I hate it when I think I'm safe to plant and then I slice into nice fat bulbs. No more. Well, hopefully anyway! :-D


  1. I have ONE tiny daffodil blooming out front today.

    I know there are more out there, they're just not out yet.

  2. I have a few daffodils brought back from the US which bloomed the past two years. But somehow, they didn't bloom for me this year. Maybe because of the "Global warming" effect!

  3. I love all the pictures - gorgeous! I hope you'll consider posting more mass pictures! Lol* I love seeing garden shots and lots of different angles. I think the blue bird bath is my favorite - so cute! I need some blue in my you've got me thinking up projects and shopping trips. ;)

  4. The entire area is having a bumper crop of daffs this year. Everywhere you go you are bathed in a lemony glow from all the flowers. Everyone is amazed and delighted! After the deep cold winter they are a real treat.

    PPQ - Thanks for the visit! Yes, I, too, just love the dark cobalt blue of that massive birdbath. It's quite the accent piece and really anchors that bed. The birds seem to like it too! Happy projecting! (Is that even a word? LOL)


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