Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big blue

Once I realized that the hibiscus and hosta were duking it out, I stepped in and declared a winner. I dug out the pink hibiscus and repositioned both it and it's mate's supports more appropriately, moving the one crowding the hosta to the middle of the bed and turning both parallel to the wall. I still wanted something tall there so planted 3 cups of my WS'd hollyhocks. I figure the hollyhocks will bloom earlier and be done before the remaining hibiscus comes into its own.

Now the Bressingham blue's size can be really showcased. When I was done I enjoyed a tall glass of iced tea and admired the new look of the bed. And, apparently, so did this little girl.

Good grief, that's a big plant! What next under there? A tea party? :-D


  1. She looks real content reading below the shade of Big Blue. It is a pretty hosta. I cannot wait until mind gets some age on it and grows big like yours.

  2. Yes, HHG, she sure does. I'm glad at least someone around here knows how to stop and relax. I don't seem to have the hang of that... ;-D

  3. Kris, I see things that need to be moved; even jot it down.........alas, I never seem to get around to doing it! I love how that hosta can stand alone and now be appreciated fully and the lovely little girl beneath her leaves.

  4. That's one big hosta! How tall is it?!

    I like (translation: I am envious) that you have so much space that you can easily that things out and move them elsewhere easily. Me? I'm running out of yard space! I'll have to have you come out here sometime and give me some suggestions on how to improve my landscaping...


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