Friday, June 4, 2010

*glub glub*

We were hot and dry for 10 days and the gardens really needed some rain.

Finally, on Monday (31st) we had 2 storms that gave us 1.7 inches. Yay!
But the first one had vicious winds which blew over all my foxgloves, the taller milkweeds and just about leveled my 10' viburnum. It also grabbed my shade umbrella, tore it out of it's holder and smashed it through the breezeway window. Boo!

On Wednesday we got 1.1 inches. Um, yay again?

Yesterday (Thursday) a storm came through after dark and dumped another 1.4". No yay.

Enough already, we're fine for a while. Really.
But a look at the weather channel predicts thunderstorms for the next 7 days.

At times like this I'm really really glad my house sits on top of the hill...

Meanwhile, I'll be keeping this handy for a while --


  1. I wished for rain last week and the same thing happened lol.

  2. I want some rain here, Kris. Send it my way please. I can take all the rain you don't want.
    We have had the longest drought so far. In addition to no rain, I have no running water, either, for several days in a row! So bad, bad, bad.

  3. Kyna, let's send all our rain to Ha Xuan. Sounds like she really needs it.

    Ha Xuan - no running water? Yes, bad bad bad. Here water is running everywhere!

  4. No rain here- we got .5" over a week ago and it's dry here now. I heard yesterday, no rain expected for the next 10 days.
    Hmmmm, guess I'd better go water my seedlings!

    Big bummer about the umbrella & window.

  5. Amy - it's always too much or too little, no? Yeah, bummer about the window. :-(

    I'm hearing thunder right now so checked the radar - oh good grief! Another storm almost on top of us. I better go take down that umbrella. I've only got so many windows to go around, y'know. :-/

  6. As you well know (both because I've griped to you, and because we're so close), I'm sick of the rain at this point. It is NOT good for my tomatoes to be sitting in all those puddles. I even planted them on their sides (rather than deep) this year to hopefully avoid this kinda $&#@! But if it's gonna rain so much that there are puddles for days, even planting them on their sides doesn't help.

    We need a dry spell!


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