Saturday, June 5, 2010

*splish splash*

Another 1.6" dumped on us last night. I heard storm after storm. Since Monday we've accumulated rain 5.8" with more coming.

We are past wet, past drenched. We are now saturated. And when that happens the dip between my driveway and the neighbor's fills up.

Now a mature gal (like I'm supposed to be) might have the good sense to stay inside, wait for the next storm and get some long-overdue housecleaning done. Or laundry. And most anything else proper and productive.

Proper and productive? Moi???
Instead I headed for the woodpile, then grabbed my rain gear.

Soon the SS RAINBOW set sail.

The design had some shortcomings. Too heavy for the light winds and a coffee filter made for a lousy sail. As soon as it got wet, it sorta dissolved. :-D

SS RAINBOW II fared much better. A smaller ship with plastic sail performed well in the errant breeze. Lookit that gal go!

Across the road curtains twitched. I've gotten used to it. ;-D

I can't help getting older. But I refuse to get old....! (Avast, matey!)


  1. You are definitely MY kind of person. NEVER grow up :D Awesome post.

  2. Kyna - I hereby pipe you aboard as First Mate! :-D

  3. LMAO! You rock! (Or float...whichever)

  4. I love it! Old is a state of mind, and it doesn't sound very fun.

  5. Who wants to get older? No, not me either.
    It sounds like you are enjoying yourself after all. Good, Kris.


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