Saturday, June 26, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly

The good:

I found the deck!

(click to embiggen & focus)
Hitherto (don't you just love using cool words like that?) the deck was crowded with plant-filled tables. Most of those seedlings are now out in beds where they belong. I deconstructed the tables, the hoopsters, and other cobbled together plant holders, and finally imposed a some order to all that chaos.

Enough seedling pots remained that I left a bench along the railing for them (rooted cutting from geraniums, some WS plants being held for Mom, another attempt at foxgloves from seeds, etc.)

But by and large comfortable seating can now be had with enough room to stretch out. Ah.

The bad:

While sitting (and occasionally stretching) and sipping morning coffee, these bad boys come down and gobble up all the bread I toss out for the birds every morning.

(click to embiggen to count squirrels)
It's a mixed tribe (herd?) of fox, grey and black squirrels. They chase each other around all day but in the mornings this truce is declared while they chow down. Can you find all 9?

Meanwhile, as I enjoy my coffee this morning, I pointedly avoid giving thoughts to...

The ugly:

(click to embiggen - but at your own risk!)
Three months of rabid gardening debris tossed willy-nilly into the garage. Taking down the deck tables, etc. finally overloaded the space such that the car is living outside right now.

I think I'm going to need a lot more coffee. *woof*


  1. Your garage looks like my basement. There's concrete and dirt everywhere. Nice to have the deck back, right? I get a lot of comfort when I finally get things back in order like they should be.

  2. I think I want to call them a 'flock of squirrels'. Even if that's not correct. Cause it sounds cute :D

  3. Tom - you bet! Eventually all the mess gets to ya. Now I can enjoy looking at the gardens from a comfy vantage point. And let me tell you, I'm really enjoying sitting under the rebuilt arbor!

    Kyna - more like a 'squabble of squirrels' because that's what they do all day. :-D

  4. OMG Kris, girl are you running an orphanage for squirrels? LOL! I never saw so many in one spot before.
    I know what you mean about finding your deck again because I can actually walk through my house without turning sideways not to knock plants over. LOL!
    I just thought that was what a garage was suppose to look like. ;-)

  5. Hi HHG - I think my place is on a squirrel migration trail or something. But they never seem to move on. This year the nice weather seems to have allowed a greater percentage of the new baby squirrels to survive. They tumble and play all day, just like kittens.

    I hear you on the garage. Got it cleaned out so now the car fits in there again. Yay. Just don't go down to the basement... again *woof* :-D

  6. Don't you LOVE getting the deck back!?!? Unfortunately, ours isn't as tidy as yours yet. I reclaimed it once, about a month ago, but then recluttered it, and now I'm slowly in the process of getting it back again.

  7. Jeph - yeah, that's the thing with gardeners. Gardening is a process that creates waves of clutter/declutter over the whole season (which, if you have a basement) is 12 months of the year. LOL We don't really 'catch up', just get the occasional respite - like in the eye of a green hurricane. ;-D

  8. The same is my garage! Maybe Webster needs to redefine the word "garage" LOL.

  9. Ha Xuan - maybe that's why there is only 1 letter difference between the 2 words: garage + garbage. ;-D


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