Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer solstice - 2 days late

Yesterday I posted about my 10 backyard beds, but the 'big picture' only showed 7 of them. Here are the 'missing' beds.

Below is the wall bed where I plant my tomatoes. I usually photograph it from the other end to highlight the tomatoes. But here you can see that there are other plants too.

Below is the fence bed. Again from the other end. It shows shade plants clustered under the crabapple tree.

The veg bed that used to be a firepit/burn area. Years of tilling in compost and leaves have made it nice and loamy. Everything is growing well, but could use some rain.

And look. I found an 11th bed I didn't include in my total. LOL (Good lord, maybe I DO have too many beds if I can't keep track of them!) When I bought the house this area was buried in overgrown yews. Pulling them out and trimming back the rhody and the pieris allowed me to transform the space into the nice sweep of plants you see here.

These pics are a good benchmark for how the beds look now. The 7 pictured in the previous post (as well as the fence bed above) will start showing lots more color when the annuals and new (WS'd this spring) perennials start to fill in.

Stay tuned....


  1. Kris, did you make the fence at the "fence bed" yourself? You're so resourceful. My admiration!

  2. Xuan - there is a couple of posts about the fence frame over on my 'garden projects' page. No, I hired someone to make the frame. I, however, will be hanging the planks myself.


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