Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crab bed blues

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I've not shown a pic of the new (made last year, planted this year) crab bed lately. With the weird weather this season (early heat, early deluges then just heat and no rain) it's been slow to fill in.

From front to back, the center contains a line of English lavender, a line of purple basil, a line of golden jubilee hyssop and (out of sight) a line of lilyturf. The end caps have a central planting of salvia splendens flanked by two tubular hyssops varieties - 'apricot sprite' and 'Apache sunset'. There are also a couple of bedding geraniums that are struggling. And let's not forget the bed's namesake - the 2 Robinson crabapples.

The salvias are just now starting to bloom as are the golden jubilee. The tubular hyssops - well, maybe soon. Or not -- like I say, the weather is playing havoc.

Overall, I'm not happy with this bed. With the grey-green lavenders (small blue flowers), the grey-green catmints (small blue flowers), and the grey-green tubular hyssops this bed looks faded, washed out. Then there is the sharp contrast between the purple basil/golden jubilee (small blue flowers) that is kinda jarring.

I know that the salvia splendens (Yvonne's salvia) will soon bloom and I'll enjoy the red (which I crave but so far have gotten very little in any of the beds this year).

It's redeeming feature? The bees really go for the golden jubilee and the cabbage butterflies practically lived on the lavender & catmint when they were in bloom. (Unfortunately the tiny, almost invisible basil blooms aren't getting any action.)

Anyway, I'm not happy so, bottom line, I'll probably redo the whole thing next year.

Except for the crabs, of course.

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  1. Kris, you are being too picky...I like the overall look of that bed!

    Do you all get fireblight in your area? I am wondering about the Robinson crabs. They are supposed to be a resistant variety and I almost bought one this spring.

    I have lost some pear trees and maybe an apple to fireblight this year; it was the worst ever I can remember.

  2. I've not seen any sign of fire blight on my 9 crabs. Never have. I have 3 Robinsons, 3 Prairie fire and 3 (each diff) of unknown name.

    Thanks for the compliment on the bed. But it really did look better in my head. LOL I will do some adjusting next year - not so much pale stuff.

  3. I think the bed looks nice.

  4. See? I can comment on this one. What the heck???

    Since I'm here....I like your bed. Echo the above sentiments :)

  5. I think the bed looks just fine. A little punch of a warm-toned color may help draw the eye from the grey green you don't like so much. Overall though, I think it's lovely.

  6. Kyna - bummer about the commenting problem. Ah well, we'll always have blotonical.

    CVF - thanks for visiting. I don't know why Blotanical is showing this post as current - it's from July - way before I joined. There is a later post that shows how I added 3 gold mums for color. Also all the red salvia is blooming now. I like your chicken pic. :-D


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