Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking weather, breaking buds

Monday morning I was out on the deck enjoying a steaming cup of coffee while I was bundled up in a cozy long-sleeved shirt.

Whoa! Why all the warmy stuff?

Check out the thermometer: 52 degrees!!

Today it was a little warmer this morning - 57 degrees.

The rain that blew through Saturday & Sunday night not only gave us 1.4" of rain (yippee yay!), but cooled the air and dried us out for a couple of days.

Everything was chipper yesterday. The birds with birdier, the squirrels squirrlier, the plants were perky and I was feeling pretty darn good myself! It only got up to 75 here yesterday.

I got a lot of trimming, pruning, re-arranging, and general tidying up around the deck and close beds.

What a difference 20 degrees make to this limp and listless lass. :-D

Today is supposed to get into the 80s while tomorrow, the 90s. Ick.

But the good thing is the nights aren't going to be in the mid-70s anymore but back to the low/mid 60s. That was the worse part - never getting a nighttime cool down.

Now I can turn off the A/C and open the windows again.

And that feels soooo goooood.
* * *

Meanwhile, back on the 'too much, too soon' subject:

The hardy pink hibiscus is easily 3-4 weeks early this year. I'd mentioned before how precocious they were, shooting up like a rocket from the get-go.

Now those early buds I'd posted about before are getting ready to *pop*.

So much for my late-August, early-September color up by the sunroom. *gloom*

Well, the flip side is that since the annuals were so set back, I'm hoping they'll come on and give me a nice show. Already the salvias are breaking bud and as for the lobelia, check out today's update on the flower page.

Hope you all are getting some weather breaks your way too!


  1. Wow, the weather really did cool down by you. It rained for us Sunday but we're back to the 90s again today.

  2. Boy howdy it did on Monday for sure. Today (Tuesday) got to 80 and we will flirt with 90 tomorrow. *woof*

    Keep cool....

  3. We had a heat index of 104. I think your weather is broken.

  4. L.D. - sure hope nobody called a repairman to fix it! ;-D

    Supposed to hit 90 today. I'm gonna start hitting back.....

  5. We need one of those little cooldowns here! We are needing rain again on top of the heat. Lots of pop up showers and heavier rains all around us, but so far, none here.

    It is amazing how it perks up everything including us!

  6. Glenda - Don't you just hate it when you can even SEE rain nearby and it just ignores you? *fume*

    Yeah, perky is better than testy....


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