Saturday, July 24, 2010


There was an enormous amount of rain activity to the north of us last night - nothing but orange and red racing from west to east on the radars.

I ached for some of that to slip down our way, even if it was fleeting.

Luckily, around midnight, a spur of that bounty swept across our area and I was dancing happy this morning to find .8" of rain in the gauge.

It's in the 90s again today, but at least the gardens have had a drink.

And maybe maybe maybe we'll get another shower today from some passing storm.

* * *

Some of you may not realize, but I do a LOT of posting on my other blog pages for flowers, vegetables, garden projects, etc. Check the top of the sidebar. I list the post date on the link so you'll always know when I'm blogging over there. :-D

Why not check them out?


  1. Thanks for pointing out the other pages. You're right, I had no idea they were there. Good stuff!

  2. Hi Alison...thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the extra posts. The additional pages let me bring some sort of order to my little corner of a chaotic gardening universe. LOL

  3. I really wish it would rain here in Staten Island. We have had hardly any rain in weeks.

  4. Hi meemsnyc. I know how you feel, especially when you watch the news and see heavy rains and flooding in other parts of the country. Oh...for just a little of that bounty where it's needed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.


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