Friday, August 6, 2010

The best job in the world

I watched the weather channel all day yesterday to see if it was now safe to start sanding the railings on the deck and general prepping for applying wood protector. All day long the forecasts assured me that the next 4 days will be sunny and dry (and hot *sigh*).

I won't bore you with deck details here (watch the 'garden projects' page for more info), but sufficed to say,
I removed the rain gauge so I could work around it and started on the deck. I quit around 7:30 p.m.

Tired, but feeling that I accomplished something, I plopped myself down in front of the TV having earned a little couch-potato time. I must have dozed off.

Around 10:00 pm something woke me. Wha? Oh, I heard wind. I looked out the window from the couch and saw the crabapple branches waving in front of the bay window. No worries. I drifted off.


I woke up again but didn't give it any thought. This is Pro Football Hall of Fame week in Canton and there are usually fireworks every night. I settled back down and....


Okay, now I paid attention. Unless there are rockets going off in my front yard... I rushed to the sunroom in the back of the house and OMIGOD!

Wind thrashed the trees. Sheets of rain lashed against the windows. Lightning. Thunder. Boom. BOOM. BOOM!!

I raced back to the TV, tuned to the weather channel and just caught the Local on the 8's. There, on the radar, was bright yellow and orange marching over Canton. Then the evening forecast came on: "...low 65, a few passing clouds, tomorrow sunny...." The background muzak was "Girl from Ipanema".

Outside the music was Wagner's "Flying Dutchman".


I want that job. I want to forecast weather. I want a career where no one holds you accountable when you screw up big time like that.

How much rain (much needed) did we get? Who the heck knows! The rain gauge is pretty useless when it's laying on it's side! But even then....

It's NOT AS USELESS AS THE WEATHERMAN!! And to think it's a paid position!

Oh yeah, I want that job....

P.S. As for that "sunny" day we're supposed to have today? This very moment - a shower.

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  1. I always tell people that I want to be a weather woman too. It's the one job where you can be consistently wrong and still keep your job. I always watch the weather to see if I should water the garden etc. And most often, the weather guy is wrong, wrong, wrong and I end up cursing them!!

  2. Today was supposed to be drier than the past few as the "monsoonal flow" was being replaced by dry air from the west, (though this IS Colorado, there's always the chance of a shower).

    Yeah, while I was pressure-washing the deck I was chased inside twice by big booming thunderstorms. I gave up on it for the day & took a shower. Of course, then the storms passed and the sun returned...and I still have to finish washing the deck...

  3. Can't help myself laughing, Kris. Yeah, weather-forcaster is a safe job!

  4. Loved the post!!! I think we have the same weatherman here!! At least your garden received some water. :0)

  5. We just look outside at the clouds to see what is happening; as for planning ahead, it is a crap shoot this time of year.

    We love how they give the possibility of anything happening that day. I have always said I could do that job.

    Love the picture of all the bees on the agastache. Yours is so much prettier than mine was when I grew it.

  6. Thanks for enjoying the post. Yeah, it's a crapshoot. The weather channel used to be informative, now it's more and more info-tainment news. And they talk too loud, talk to fast, and usually talk down to us. I want a channel that just shows radar all day. I could use that!

    Glenda, that pic does not do justice to the swarm of bees that live on my many plantings of agastache! Hundreds! Some don't even go home at night, just park their fuzzy little butts on the blooms and sleep there. This is THE plant to have if you want to attract native bees!


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