Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cat happy

What a treat this morning to find this little guy munching down on my potted dill plant. This is the first time I've ever found a butterfly cat here in the gardens.

I've had (Eastern) Black Swallowtails flitting about for years, but I've never found evidence of them making whoopie. Gotcha! :-D

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  1. I took a photo of dark swallowtail in my yard last week. I had never seen one in Iowa before now. We have a large amount of bees this year.

  2. Oh how nice for you, Larry, to see the Black Swallowtail there. This crazy weather has brought me lots of new insects this year too.

    As for the bees -- hundreds, just hundreds this year! Yay us!

  3. Oh wow! It's a colorful little thing!


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