Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foggy morn & new editor

Foggy Morning
1.25 inches
I'm trying out the *new* blog editor today.  I'm hoping that using it instead of the old editor the comment problem might get magically resolved!  (It's got some neat tricks like drag-n-drop picture placement and captioning.  Best of all - an UNDO function!  YAY!)

Now if only I could use some juju editting on the weather.  All July and August and earlier this month I tried all the old tricks to entice rain to the gardens.  Standbys like washing the car (actually I dry dusted it), putting nice things outside that shouldn't get wet, leaving the house with the windows open.  Even a couple of tries as rain dancing on the deck, but to no avail.

Finally I hit on a sure-fire process.  Strip the deck!  Good grief.  I finished the deck on Sunday and it hasn't stopped raining since!!  Yesterday we got 1.25 inches.  Everything is soaked.  Not that it will do the gardens much good this time of year when everything is shutting down.  Heck, I haven't even seen a bee since Sunday.  At least the annuals will get the benefit. 

wet deck
Now I'm dancing up and down hoping for a couple of dry days in a row so I can put the TWP on the deck.  *whine*  Originally today, Thur & Fri were supposed to be sunny.  Now the forecasts call for a cloudy day followed by a rain day for the next 7 days or so.  Darn that tropical system crawling up the coast!  I just hope I'll still get a couple-three dry days with temps in the 60s at least before all the leaves start coming down.  The deck needs a day to dry out then at least 2 for the sealer to cure. And I can't even imagine what fun it is going to be now that leaves will fall onto the sealer.  :-/


Once again I'm hoping you'll let me know if you can't comment on this post (Beemail Me).  Yesterday's 'fix' only allowed a couple of folks to comment that previously couldn't.   Others (like TS) still can't comment on this blog. *fume* (Thanks for going to one of the other blog pages to comment, TS. :-D)  

Newsflash!  When I use the PREVIEW function in the new editor, I can see "Post a Comment" is light blue!  Now if I can only find a way to change that.... So, bear with me, and keep your fingers crossed. :-D

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  1. never fails, just when you want dry weather, it rains, and vice versa!

  2. Boy that picture drag and drop feature sure would be nice.

    I'm not changing unless I start having problems... if it ain't broke and all that...

    I used to be able to make it rain by planting something. Hasn't worked this summer though.

  3. Scott - yep, never fails. Still, I'm not sorry about the rain.

    Ilene - the drag'n'drop is nice, but the UNDO is terrific!

    I couldn't change the color of the "post a comment' - it's set to the same as the template's background color and I can't change that. So I darkened the background of the post text. At least now that light color has more contrast....

  4. I can usually make it rain by getting the lawn mower out - typical isnt it! Your deck still looks pretty cool though!

  5. Woo-hoo!!! I'm able to comment!! We have about 4+ inches of rain headed our way thanks to the tropical storm. My garden needs every inch. Hopefully we'll get all your rain and you can have some dry weather.:0)

  6. We're getting the same rain. Next weekend the neighborhood kids come over to pick pumpkins. i hope it doesn't rain. just remember, all that rain could and will be snow. jim

  7. Like the new look and I guess I have never had a problem commenting. Strange, isn't it?
    I can see the Post a Comment better now.

    Hold the thought that rain is good....for everything (except your deck that is). This too will pass.

  8. TS - YAY. (Y'know, sometimes the popup comment window stay open from another blog and hides behind your browser. I've visited a blog and tried to comment the link appeared inactive. But the popup was already open when I reduce the browser window.) Bottom line - YAY you can post! :-D :-D

    Jim - If it not for the deck I'd be super cool with any rain we'd get from this wave along the coast. If I can get the darn sealer on. Hey - you used the "S" word! Not nice! ;-D

    Glenda - I know. Why some and not others? Hopefully at least the "Post a Comment" shows up better now. Oh, it will pass. Then there will be a month of leaf work. Ugg. I'm looking forward to 'comfy chair' season...!

  9. freerangegirl - it finally got so dry that the lawn went dormant so the mower got no action for the past 6-7 weeks. I'll get that deck sealed yet! Thanks for checking in on me. :-D

  10. It's all flooded where i ma right now. A 10 year old apple tree has uprooted next door. My poor butterfly bush has done the same. I wished for rain, and karma got me.

    If you'll excuse me, I have to go and build an Ark now...

  11. It's all flooded where i ma right now. A 10 year old apple tree has uprooted next door. My poor butterfly bush has done the same. I wished for rain, and karma got me.

    If you'll excuse me, I have to go and build an Ark now...

  12. Kyna - oh no! I can see all the horrible weather on the radar today and thought of you and Tom (N.C.) I heard tornado warnings too! So sorry about the damage. Stay safe. Be careful if using power tools on the ark... water + electricity = zztzztzzt!


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