Monday, September 27, 2010


What is this? Looks like someone moved everything off the deck. I wonder why? ;-D

To see what's up, link over to my Garden Projects (<= click here) page.


I need your help. More and more of you cannot post comments on this blog. Google blogger has many complaints on this very issue, but no resolution. Please help me help them.

Kyna, TS and anyone else who hasn't been able to comment on this blog since mid-August,
I've made all the changes Blogger suggested. I would really appreciate it if you would try to comment today. Even a single word. If you find you still CANNOT post a comment, would you mind using the BEEMAIL link near the top of the sidebar and let me know that my fixes didn't work? I want to help solve this annoying problem. After all, without comments this blog would be soooo lonely, no? THANKS everyone. :-D


Tuesday 9/28 followup: Looks like folks can now comment to the blog. Yippee! If, in the future you cannot comment, please Beemail me (link on top sidebar) and let me know. Thanks everyone for helping.

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  1. What a pain...I remember when we had to sand and re-stain my parents deck...not fun :-( Then again, it sure looked nice afterward :-)

  2. Ooh, look! I can post a comment! :D

  3. KYNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY. Thanks for trying until we got this (maybe permanently?) fixed!

    Scott - With all the gardens I'm installing, I need to overlook it all from an attractive vantage point - a refinished deck.

  4. YESSSSS! I can comment now, too.... Congrats! --Ilene

  5. Your lettering that says post comments is light blue and can't be seen. It may be they don't know that it is there. I discovered it by accident.

  6. Hi Larry. I know you've mentioned that before. Trouble is on my screen the "Post a Comment" is dark red. The words "Post a Comment" is listed right after the last comment in the popup window. I could find no setting in the Design section that shows any light blue links on my page. Perhaps you have your computer to change links to a default color of light blue?

    I'm glad you found the comment because it would be a shame not to hear from you now and then. :-D

  7. Hi Kris, 'Post a Comment' is light blue. I could barely see it. Thought you might want the feedback from another person.

  8. Thank you One. How frustrating. There does not seem to be a way to change what you see since what I see is a different color. *fume*

  9. It is light blue for me too until I click it and it becomes green.

    I posted over on the Garden Projects section earlier.

  10. Thanks for chiming in on that, Glenda. Now how the heck can I fix something that won't show for me?

    Anyone - if the link is light blue for you, what is the color of the background it is on? On my screen the link is green-turn-to-red on a light yellow background...


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