Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy happy Joy joy

Happy happy joy.

It's raining! Right now! YAY! And it looks like it may give us at least a half-inch!**

I'm happy. The deck plants are happy. And the rain is not anything like the weather channel hyped it up to be yesterday.

They forecasted high winds, powerful thunderstorms, large hail, etc etc yadda yadda yadda. Sure it's a little breezy out there and I heard thunder - once! Honestly I wish PBS did the weather. I think they wouldn't try to drum up viewers by constantly yelling : IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. The weather channel has cried 'wolf' far too many times. Makes us NOT pay attention when something REAL is coming.

But -- enough of them. Back to the rain.



** 10:00 am update. It only lasted an hour and gave us just shy of 1/2". Still, that's better than none. So I'm still happy happy joy joy.... :-D

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  1. there anything better than nice, gentle rain for make you feel invigorated...not to mention the garden!

  2. Very happy for you Kris; we know just how you feel.

  3. Oh, I like rain and I'm happy whenever it rains, too. I'm happy for you and for your plants also this time.
    It was drizzling all day here yesterday. My plants love that, even my succulents outside. Funny, they don't mind the rain, I never got any rot on my succulents.
    I always like to see your garden, your plants, you deck/patio... Very impressive! Thanks, Kris.

  4. Thanks Scott, Glenda & Ha Xuan!

    It stayed cloudy all day so the water didn't evaporate right off. Later in the evening we got another front move through and it gave us another 1/2" of much needed water.

    Alas, the ground is so thirsty right now it soaked up all the water. No puddles for me to play in. LOL

  5. Hahahahahahaha! I do the same chant when it rains here too. We have had the driest summer so rain is welcomed!

  6. meemysnyc - I don't know where I picked that up -- probably a commercial or something. Catchy, no? LOL

  7. LOL, I taught fourth grade for a couple years, and one of my students piped up one day, chanting, "Happy, happy, joy, joy!" I thought he'd made that up, but was told it was from a cartoon.

    We actually had more rain than usual until August and high temps came. I'm glad we've had a little rain in September.

  8. Sue - we're still way down on rain for July & August. September only 1.5 inches so far. But little rains don't even get the ground wet anymore. At least it's time for things to start going dormant anyway (*wah*). It's been a quick 6 months... Less than a month till *shudder* first frost!


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