Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Red dawn = red beds

I love a deeply colored dawn, a sky shot with cranberry and magenta.

All those colors flow down into the gardens, lending a rosy glow to all it bathes.

It even turns the browned-out graham-cracker lawn into something close to raspberry cream. The colors are fleeting but the inner glow it produces lasts all day long.

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  1. Those reds are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful, Kris. I love how the color from the sky transfered onto the plants in your garden.
    It must be heaven to enjoy your morning coffee, beholding the view in front.

  3. Dawn is the best time of day for me also. It is when I feel at peace with the world.

  4. That is a great shot. Beautiful magenta sky over a colourful bed of flowers.

  5. meemsnyc, Ha Xuan, islandgal246 and one -

    Yes, my gardens never look better than in a rosy dawn.

    Seems like we all love early morning when the day is new and full of potential. We can renew ourselves in such glorious dawns - and enjoy our morning coffee. :-D

    P.S. Heck, in that light, even I can look pretty good. LOL

    'Morning, everyone!

  6. Kris, I am sorry you haven't been getting some of the rains we have.

    We were dry and crispy about a month ago.

    That rosy morning light is beautiful.

  7. Hi Glenda. One benefit from not having the rains - check out all the work I've been doing in "Garden Projects" since the days have been dry. Still, I envy you the water... :-)

  8. that's the first time I've seen a rosy lawn!

  9. Hi Linda - yes it's gone from dry mustard to biscuit to graham cracker and now raspberry cream. I wonder if it will ever get back to green! LOL


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