Monday, September 20, 2010

You've come a long way, baby.

This time of year our garden beds are probably pretty full and seems normal.
Thanks to photos, though, we can glimpse back to how things looked when the season started.

March 2010:

September 2010:

Kinda puts all that work into perspective, no?

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  1. Hi Kris,
    I enjoyed your March and September photos. Things are looking great your way. I hope winter does not come too soon, or stick around for too long.

  2. Sue - I just hope that the winter isn't going to be as cold as the summer was hot. Hope we at least have a mild, and pretty Autumn. :-D

  3. It's great to have before and after shots. You see such improvements. I should do that too sometimes.

  4. We do need those before and after shots to keep us going.

    I have been doing that with my cleanup up of overgrown beds.

    I also hope we have a beautiful, cool and glorious fall.

  5. I love these photos too, really helps you appreciate how much progress has happened!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Since the garden progresses day by day, it takes a long look back to make one realize just what the heck ya been up to for 6 months.

    I can believe Thursday is Equinox. Time flies....

  7. Yes, sometimes in the spring I think why bother as it is all bare and no foliage but then things start to sprout and I get excited. My gardens are almost ready for me to clear them off.

  8. Gosh, looking back on that March pic it surprises me no end that I even try. Talk about barren, bleak and boringly flat. *woof*


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