Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And so it ends....

The growing season, that is.
* 2010 - first freeze *
We had a longer freeze-to-freeze this year.  Traditionally we freeze up until May 18 then freeze again on October 18.  The last freeze this spring was on the 10th and this fall's first freeze is here on the 20th.  So we enjoyed an extra 10 days this year.  

There is frost on the lawn this morning.  I wonder how the annuals will react.  I may lose the impatiens.  We'll see.

* * * 
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  1. Now that is is freezing, what happens to the bees? Do they migrate?

    While you are freezing, we are melting over here. :)

  2. Don't know how I'd cope with that much cold. Where I live in Australia I complain if we get more than 2 days in a row of frost during winter.

  3. Wow, first freeze already!

  4. I bet the impatiens get zapped! I haven't grown them for years, but seems they were very tender.

    Actually I am about ready to shut down the season. I need to do some chainsawing and I want the leaves gone so I can see what I am doing.

  5. One - no, honeybees will live in their hives and eat their honey to stay alive while the native bees will mostly die leaving eggs & larvae to hatch out in spring and start their colonies again.

    Missy - LOL - this bitty freeze is nothing. We've had snow up to 36" and temps down to 10 below for days and that's just over the past 8 years at this house. Thanks for visiting the blog! Keep watching and you'll see some good snow pics. ;-D

    meemsnyc - yeah, but nothing seems fazed by it - but tonight (Thursday) it will be much colder so I expect to see some plant damage Friday.

    Glenda - no, the impatiens were all good to go that morning. But, like I said to meemsny, bet they feel the frost tonight...

    The only thing I've done for tonight is to cover the lupine that is trying to bloom in the arbor bed. Poor thing, thinks it's spring or something.

  6. if you got frost, We can't be far behind. I still have day lilies blooming. Bummer. jim

  7. Jim - Friday a.m. - birdbath frozen again and frost on the yard. I know the lake will keep you warmer for a few days. Enjoy the lilies. :-D


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