Saturday, October 23, 2010


* red tailed hawk *
While I'm off in the yard wrangling leaves, the female red tailed hawk keeps a close eye on the bird feeder.  (Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't want to spook her so took it from inside the breezeway and those windows haven't been washed for a while.  But you can still see her impressive size.)

Here the little red-breasted nuthatch taking seeds doesn't really interest her.  She's waiting for a more substantial meal, like a plump mourning dove.  (Mr. Toad discretely looks away.)

The hawk has fared well this season.  She successfully raised 2 offspring a stones' throw from my back property border and they, too, have become successful hunters.  Lord knows there's plenty for them to eat hereabouts.  (We cater to the whole food chain at Melissa Majora. ;-))

Meanwhile yours truly promises to post a pile of leaf-wrangling pics soon.  Gotta go ... the rake is cooling off and we can't let that happen!  *urg*

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  1. I looked at the picture and missed the hawk completely! They are magnificent birds. They follow us when mowing with the tractors waiting for the things the mower scares up. I saw one once catch a rabbit that was too heavy for it to lift. It kept rising and dropping back to the ground. I think it finally had to tear it up on the ground before returning to the nest with it. We have seen them drop down and pick up snakes and all sorts of varmints. We have also watched the male and female sitting side by side, so close they are touching,waiting for food to show up.

  2. I too have the same hawk problem here in Niagara Falls. The Red Tails come up from the gorge to dine on my poor, unsuspecting doves. They are so slow moving, the hawks get them every time. The other, smaller birds at the feeder are quicker to notice the danger.

  3. Glenda - yes, they are wonderful to watch in action. All the squirrels, birds, and other critters live fat and happy here, so when their time is up, I'd rather a hawk dines than to see them laying at the side of the road hit by cars.

    GWGT - here it is not a problem. It's just the way Nature works. I sure would miss the red-tail and marsh hawk. Even the soaring turkey vultures are inspiring against the sky.

  4. Wow! That is one proud looking hawk. It's not a common sight here. We have mostly the smaller birds like sparrows and mynas. I guess the hawk keeps those little pests in balance.

  5. She's a beauty! We see red tailed hawks, along with cooper's hawks, here occasionally. I always get excited when I see one! I just don't want to see whatever they catch....

  6. We have seen hawks and an occasional eagle soaring in the sky above us here.

    We hear the hoot-owl at night. The cat's real leery of being outside by herself. But I think she's heavy enough that she doesn't have to worry about getting snagged.

  7. One - they can have all the chipmunks they can catch, that's for sure. They are my only real 'pest' of all that visit the gardens.

    TS - there's no denying their grace and beauty.

    Ilene - Eagles? If I were your cat I'd be very leery too (read Glenda's comment)! The nabe's say they've heard the owls at night, though I've not (the new windows are really insulated!).

  8. I like the new header picture for fall!

  9. Thanks, Glenda. Unseasonably mild weather + lush asters = lots of bees. Happy happy, joy joy. :-D


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