Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fab Fall flora

Sassafras & Walnut trees
 The trees are burning bright in the October sunshine.


At long last the Autumn flowers are in bloom - though briefly to be sure.  Frost will be here soon.

There are 2 large patches of fleabane back along the golf course border.  When I took this picture I thought there was a breeze as the plants were swaying a lot.  On closer inspection, however,  I saw they were heavy with native bees.

Native asters
Another aster cousin is also in blue bloom - the native New England aster (nova angliae). The bees are busy there too.

Pink mums
Near freezing!
And the shell pink mums only get better every day.  Though I've never seen any bees on them, they are a constant delight to the gardener. :-D

The thermometer, however, is becoming most UN-delightful these mornings.  

I'm going to miss all this color soon. :-(

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  1. Beautiful...love them all...native asters are so charming!

  2. Scott - the bees really need some good forage this time of year and asters do the job. It's only 6 days until our traditional first frost. Yiii!

  3. Thank you for sharing those autumn colours. We don't see it here but I always think its a beauty.

    Kris, I want to let you know that I have hand pollinated dragon fruit successfully several times. I usually only have one bloom at a time so cross pollination was impossible. The information from Wikipedia is incorrect. In fact many information we read in the internet is incorrect because they usually copy from one another.

  4. One - I'm so happy to learn that you can pollinate your own dragon fruit! Yes, I know that Wiki isn't always right, but it's hard to know when. Thanks for the correct into. :-D

  5. Kris, enjoy them while you can!

    The fall colors seem especially bright this year, both in flowering plants and trees and shrubs.

    We are supposed to be down to 38°tonight so out here in the country we will probably have scattered frost again.

  6. Yeah, after all the drought I'd'a thunk the trees wouldn't have colored up like this.

  7. Oh ah... I love the color of those trees. We don't have "fall foliage" in Vietnam though :-(
    I'm growing a Liquid ambar tree but it will be some time before it will be a true "tree"! Now it's a container "plant".

  8. Hellow Ha Xuan. :-D My sweetgum trees (I have 2, the neighbors have some also) are just now turning color. I love the foliage, but the spikey little seed balls do get into everything. Hope yours grows big and beautiful too.

  9. Those trees are gorgeous! When I created my garden I looked for trees that had gorgeous fall color. They're like a final act in a fabulous show, the best is saved for last. I still have bees in my garden but the large butterflies are gone.

  10. Hi TS - trouble is, after that 'final show' I have to run around and clean up after the elephants. LOL I, too, still have bees and some butterflies. Yesterday I saw a clouded sulfur and a buckeye. Lots of honeybees on the asters! :-D


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