Monday, October 18, 2010

The elephants...

*leaf wrangling*

Tammy over at Casa Mariposa commented that she loves the colorful trees in Autumn. "They're like a final act in a fabulous show, the best is saved for last."

*my hickory*
I like them too, but when that pretty parade passes by, I'm stuck with cleaning up after those elephants.  LOL  At this point all the of ash and wild cherry trees have dropped their leaves in the front yard.  I spent Sunday using my riding mower to blow them into windrows.  Today I'll tarp them and start shoving them into the foundation beds around the house.
*nabe's 2 hickories*

But the show isn't over.  The walnut and sassafras trees pic'd in the previous post will drop and soon, waiting in the wings, are the hickories.

Right now the squirrels are in a frenzy hiding away a caboodle of hickory nuts.  Looks like a bumper crop this year (nuts AND squirrels!).
* * *
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  1. What a show of autumn colour though - it makes all that raking and shovelling wortwhile!

  2. I'm anxious to see the colors start here. We're still green and lush. Only a few hours drive into the mountains, the leaves are just past their peak this week. Or so I'm told.

  3. I'm jealous of those trees! Not so jealous of the leaf wrangling lol. The colours are beautiful...

  4. Kris, I keep blowing mine in one direction until I can blow them onto the beds! I hate raking anything and picking it up.

    I love that giant Hickory in your yard!

  5. Autumn leaves seem a very big deal in the US. I'm not aware of an annual leaf blowing extravaganza in the UK. Perhaps that's why we have mossy grass.

  6. freerangegirl - the older I'm getting, the less enthusiastic I am for all this leaf wrangling.

    Tom - it'll happen, buddy. Enjoy the show.

    Kyna - yes, it is glorious.

    Glenda - my mower doesn't have much blow. Maybe next year I can upgrade to something with more ooomph.

    Linda - some neighbors have cut down their trees just to not have the leaves to wrangle. Kinda drastic. :-(

  7. Oy - what a lot of leaves you have!!! When we lived in upstate NY, near the Canadian border, we were surrounded by 100 ft tall trees that rained leaves for weeks I used to mow them and dump the shredded leaves in the garden. Tons of work, but the garden looked like it was covered in confetti!! :0)

  8. TS - there's no denying the leaves are a wonderful natural resource. Thankfully each species drop at different times else I'd be up to my assets is such riches.... *woof*


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