Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy daze

The mild weather persisted so Sunday I spent 4 hours outside mowing and gathering up the last of the front yard leaves.  I also stored away the last 2 deck chairs.  I drew the line at taking down the wall fountain because the chickadees just love to wet their little whistles in the trickling stream.

It was supposed to rain today, but all the wet kept to the north.  Temps soared well into the 60s so I spent some time in the garage working on a door  (< click for story) most of the morning.

After that, however, all I wanted to do was SIT AND ENJOY the balmy air.  But darn, I'd just packed away all my deck chairs!  LOL

So I dragged my rocker out of the sunroom and set myself up with a cool drink to enjoy the view.  Check out the Mellow Yellow spirea, sweet gum tree and ('way in the back there) asparagus fern.  I've never seen any of them this colorful! 

* * *
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  1. Love seeing the changes in your garden.

    Can't you leave the wall fountain up during the winter? Birds so often need water when the landscape freezes.

    Thanksgiving joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. I'd love to sit in that rocking chair for a cup of coffee and chit chat with you while enjoying the view outside, Kris.
    Good life!
    We've had a couple of nice days here too, not so wet like the week before.

  3. Hello Sharon and thanks for visiting the blog. :-D No, I cannot leave the fountain up since temps plummet below zero here. I lost a lovely fountain 2 years ago thinking the running water would keep it ice free, but it froze, the pump died and the feed pipe burst. Fear not, I have several birdbaths that get warm water every day for my feathered friends in frigid weather.

    Ha Xuan, I would LOVE to see pics of your sitting areas in your gardens so I could envision sharing a nice beverage and visiting with you! Oh, the chit chat we would have. LOL

  4. A rocking chair and a cool drink, that is a nice moment !!!

  5. Hello Ellada - how nice of you to stop by. Yes, it's seldom I actually sit down and enjoy the view, but yesterday was one of them. Glad you can share the pic. :-D

  6. I feel like our weather is really backwards this year. We are in the 20's with snow and you are out enjoying a cool drink in your yard :) I know your winter is usually longer and colder than ours, but I wonder if that'll be different this year?

  7. Hi Catherine! :-D I've been watching your weather on TV - how awful! Especially this time of year when everyone is heading somewhere for Thanksgiving. I hope you are not braving those scary streets.

    I, too, am wondering how winter will go this year. Such a hot dry summer. Such a long mild (still dry) autumn. Will bw be switching climates this winter? We'll see. Take care and be safe.

  8. How nice to be sipping coffee and enjoying that lovely view. Now that your garden is resting and just looking beautiful, weeds are still invading mine. :)

  9. Hello One - Haha, weeds! I bet yours are persistent in your warm weather. At least you have the bonus of non-stop blooms to enjoy over 'winter'. Do you have a favorite "sitting 'n' sipping" area?


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