Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving day wishes

Right now outside temps are just above freezing and rain is pouring down.  We've gotten almost an inch since midnight with perhaps another inch or two still to come as the massive weather system drags by.  Then temps will plummet and might bring some snow tomorrow.

Inside, however, is warm and dry and fragrant from turkey in the oven and yeasty bread dough set aside to rise.

Here's wishing that all my readers are warm and dry and surrounded by good food, good friends and family today.

Happy Thanksgiving. :-D

* * *
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  1. Kris, that fire looks so inviting!

    We have a fire going too but it is inside an Ashley wood store and you can't see the fire.

    Your front arrived here yesterday. We got lots of rain during the day and most of the night. The temps are starting to fall now. Low predicted to 18° by tonight.

    Have a super day. (mine will be tomorrow but will be cooking some today.)

  2. Thanks, Glenda. I did have a nice day. :-D It rained all day Thur and then another wave came through last night. Temps were in mid-50s. This morning it is 25 and everything is frozen. Brrrr. We got a total of 2.25".

  3. That fire looks so toasty! We had ours going after dinner even though our weather has been mild. Yeast rolls sound tasty...!! Happy thanksgiving (a day late!)


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