Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fountain finale

Thursday it rained all day with temps rising well into the mid-50s.

But after the front moved on, frigid temps followed.  Friday dawned 25F and it got above freezing for only an hour or 2.  Then it sank back to mid-20s and has been there ever since.

When the days can no longer warm up the water in the fountain, it's time to pull the plug, empty it out and put it in the basement until spring.

Now the deck is really down to bare bones and "outside season" is officially closed

I'm sure the chickadees will be miffed now that they have to use the regular birdbath like everyone else.  Come to think of it, I'm kinda miffed too.  I'm going to miss sitting in the sunroom and watching the fountain sparkle while those little clowns flit about all day.  

All that's 'flitting' about this morning now are ... snowflakes.  And plenty of them! Ah well, looks like a good day to start a pot of turkey soup and light another fire.  

* * *
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  1. The official end of the season! I don't have one of those; it just comes in bits and pieces...until I realize there is nothing left to do outside gardenwise.

    I cooked the turkey carcass yesterday and all my family was astounded....

  2. The fountain is the final 'bits & pieces' I guess. I only go outside now to fill the feeder and break the ice on the bird bath.

    Every year I think I should just get a turkey breast to roast. Then I think how I wouldn't have any bones, etc. to simmer for soup. Honestly, the leftovers are what I enjoy the most. :-D


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