Thursday, November 18, 2010


Birds are flocking this time of year.  Right now the crabapple trees are filled with robins gorging themselves on the soft fruit.

Otherwhere, hundreds of starlings are gleaning lawns after Tuesday's day-long rain.

(click on pics for full size)
* starlings foraging *
They flush when startled, wheel, dip, soar and wing as one.

* starlings in flight *
They flee to naked trees

* starlings in trees *
But moments later, they return to their lunch.

What a display...!
* * *
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  1. Haven't seen a robin since spring. Actually, I haven't seen many birds at all except a couple of cardinals lately. Kind of disappointing.

  2. I always enjoy photos of your garden and its wildlife. Really spectacular for me.

  3. Kyna - I think most of these robins are on their way somewhere, probably your balmy state for over-wintering. I tell them you expect some songs!

    Ha Xuan - Do you have many birds visiting your gardens? Do your get different birds in different seasons? I always imagine you have exotic birds since you have so many exotic plants. I love when you post pics of your lush grounds!


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