Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tucked in

This post should have appeared on Saturday, the 13th.  But that was the day my DSL modem decided to DIE.  *sigh*  I finally tracked down a new one at an ATT store and installed it Sunday evening, so I'm playing catchup on all my blog pages.

So here's the post that didn't appear Saturday the 13th:

Deadline made!   The extraordinary weather allowed me to get EVERYTHING tucked in and ready for winter by the 13th!

It took a couple of days, but I weeded the nearly 300' length of the ring bed and got it all mulched (with either whacker-shredded or mowed/bagged leaves).  

* ring bed - weeded & mulched *
(click for larger picture)
Another fine day let me fill all my 32-gal Roughnecks with sifted compost.
Click HERE for full story.

* compost sifted and stored for spring *
And then there was a nice morning spent stacking a cord of firewood.
Click HERE for full story.

* firewood secured, stacked and ready *
Bottom line, all the beds are mulched, annuals composted, perennials trimmed back, compost done, firewood at the ready, and furniture/pots/water cans/hoses/etc. all stored away in the shed.  I think I'm done.

All that's left is to make a wish, blow out the candles, and enjoy my birthday!  :-D

* cake 'n' candles *
* * *
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  1. I can't decide if I'd rather have those bins of compost or the cake (which is very pretty).

  2. Eliza - you're my kind of gardener! :-D

  3. The cake looks yummy, but...the compost looks yummy to! Kudos to you on getting so much work done.

    Are you ready to relax now and wait for winter to be over?

  4. Hi Alison. I've been inside all day today and am surprisingly antsy. I pushed so hard to get things done but now I'm suddenly decompressing and feel at odds. I think it will take a little time to mentally 'move inside for winter' as well as physically. LOL

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Kris! I'm amazed with your energy to do that much. Where are your bees now?

  6. I'm impressed! My fall to-do list is still fairly long, but fortunately the weather should stay mild long enough to get it done. The lack of daylight after work is really setting me back!

  7. One - Thank you for the birthday wishes. :-D Thank goodness all the outside 'heavy lifting' chores are done for the season. I'm about empty in the energy department these days. I still spy the occasional native bee on the asters on nice days, same with the honeybees. The native bees are about all dead now with their underground nests filled with eggs for next year's colony. The honeybees are probably in their hives and will eat their stored honey over the winter.

    Ginny - I'm with you on the lack of evening light. It's really depressing to see it getting dark around 5:00 pm! I hated it even worse when I had a job (get up in the dark, get home in the dark). THAT was really annoying! Hope you get on top of that to-do list before cold weather sets in.

  8. Happy belated birthday, Kris.
    I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Stay happy and healthy for many many years to come, my friend.

  9. Ha Xuan - Your warm wishes make a dull November day much brighter! :-) Thanks, I did enjoy the day and look forward to many more.


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