Friday, December 10, 2010

Alberta clipper

Not much has changed since my weather pics posted on December 1st.  Right this very minute an Alberta clipper is charging through, dumping snow.

Good didn't snow yesterday (well, a few flakes).  Between the sunshine and residual warmth in the ground enough snow melted to expose swathes of grass.  Eeek!  But this morning we're getting  a clean white blanket in the gardens again. Yay.

Also on the driveway.  Boo.

* Alberta (Kyna) clipper *
The clipper has been blowing through for a couple of hours.  Weather channel says "Light Snow".  Not even an accumulation on this current forecast. 

* light snow - Clipper *
And this is why I don't use the weather channel for believable weather info anymore....

* this is LIGHT SNOW? *
Anyone looking for a white Christmas might as well head to Canton...  Looks like lots of 'more of the same' for the rest of the month.

* December forecast *
Local news channels predict rain/snow mix sometime this weekend, then come Monday a blizzard.


I'll believe it when I see it.  Still, won't hurt to head out and lay in some supplies just in case.  If it comes I'll just hunker down for a while. (I'm getting good at that!)   I'll keep you posted.  Stay safe, everyone. 
* * *
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  1. Every time Chuck hears 'Alberta Clipper' on the news he blames me. Because that's where I'm from :P

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Kyna. Now I know who too blame too! :-P

  3. I'm actually jealous! I love snow but we don't get much here in NC. I miss all those mornings waking and looking out upon my garden covered in snow.

  4. Hi Michelle. :-) I know, I know, I'm 'enjoying' a wealth of white this year - and it's STILL NOT OFFICIALLY WINTER YET! But I'm sure glad I still don't live further north in the Lake county snowbelt anymore. Talk about getting hammered. Some got 30-36" over the past 6 days of lake effect snow. And the traffic? Horrible, just horrible up there. Hope you get some white stuff to enjoy for the holidays! :-D

  5. Dare I say it looks beautiful!

    That is easy to say when you don't have to get out in it for work. I remember those days.......

    Lay in supplies, build a big fire and enjoy. I hope you have some good books.

  6. It really is beautiful, Glenda. It was light and fluffy at first. A couple of hours later it warmed up so it was wet and heavy. *oof* Boy, I sure don't miss having to go to work anymore.

    I've laid in supplies, some DVDs, a couple of books and filled the bin next to the fireplace...

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  7. HA!

    I totally have a weather phenomenon named after me! It's not like it's your firstborn or anything, but it'll do.

    It'll do.

  8. I was one of the vehicles not moving. From Glenville to Strongsville was some trip. jim

  9. wish I were there! A white Christmas would be nice.

  10. I'm gradually learning American weather terminology. 'Alberta clipper', 'lake effect snow'...It's a whole different vocabulary to British weather!

  11. Oh, good LORD!

    None of that here. We planted bushes yesterday, and a couple of trees because my orders finally came in. I'll report more on the blog.

    It is just beautiful, and you caught it so well in the pictures. Sure glad you can stay in! Hugs

  12. Jilda - And I would enjoy a nice balmy day! Thanks for visiting. :-D

    Linda - Fierce swift-moving low pressure systems sweep down from Alberta Canada, hence the Alberta and Clipper name. When those winds race over warm lakes they absorb water vapor which is vigorously dumped as snow once the wind reaches land of decent elevation. It's mostly the northeast part of the U.S. that gets this special weather (oh lucky us). :-/

    Ilene - oh come on -- you know you want this... ;-D

  13. Hello - thanks for visiting me - what a great resource you have. I am planning to have bees on the croft, so i will be popping back and forward checking out your sidebar links.
    You have some good snow there :) Ours is disappearing, but it to come back by midweek. I will be stocking up and then sitting back. i have enjoyed the feeling of hibernation I have to say. xx


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